the crazy side of you… part tuu!

Posted on: April 10, 2010

livin la vida loca … thank you for saving my life mrt! … and korean kids would put those things on your pictures.

it’s been a really crazy week for me… just wanted to rant about my hectic schedule. been going back and forth from ortigas to north edsa every frakkin day. i have my reasons pero mejo nakakapagod lang naman siya.  i get three hours of sleep… and i really get cranky at wala na ding epekto sakin ang kape. lol.

i’ve neglected a few things like i haven’t done any grocery shopping. nag-overnight si max a.k.a teh lord shimazu at si jude sa bahay ko for a dvd marathon but we ended up sleeping instead… when i woke up max was eating my wrists… laway and all. wahahaha. tulog pa siya nun pero so cute! halatang gutom mga bisita ko.

baliw din sa school sa ortigas. second day and i’ve been locked down the building. de kuryente kasi yung mga pinto tapos nagblack out. hahaha. a korean teacher there keeps patting me on the head and calls me baby, sweetheart, honey… and that’s only me. ek! and she’s a girl! i look cute, yes? tsk tsk. they have a penchant for cute for some reason. the other students… they put stuff on your computer image during classes. minsan meh star at extrang tenga ng pusa pa ko sa ulo.

in between classes and calls and commissions at random bouts of taylor swift songs… i’ve been playing doctor love  too. ako pa na bobo pag dating sa ganyan. bat niyo ko tinatanong about laaab??? meh nagtatanong kung paano aakitin ulit yung asawa, meh nagtatanong kung pano manligaw, at panong gagawin sa date?!? earth why me? wahuhu. oh well. there’ll be one typo art about this soon!

pero sige na nga! bring it on! yep, it’s been a crazy week, this is a crazy non-coherent post, and i must be crazy… but all the awesome people are. (hehehe, self-help kuno >^.^< i know some really wonderful people but they’re totally bonkers. lol, lam niyo na kung sino kayo! i miss you all!) that or… the world is being overrun by zombies. hihihi.

yun lang. meh goes back to sleep.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "the crazy side of you… part tuu!"

magpahinga na muna,. hanggat closed
pa yang isang mata mo..

tell me pag may new number ka na ulit ha..

eeeh kasiii naman kasiii,.


aun cp # u?

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