this is a test

Posted on: April 4, 2010

the last time i drew something other than chibi stuffed animals was when my filipino 101 (take note 101, so freshman class yan!) professor asked us to do some poetry. lol. eh kasi, i just was not in the mood to write… i made a few stanzas tapos nagdrawing nalang ako… well something related to that particular poem, i drew a happy girl actually. i got an a+ though… my professor must have been bored too. lol.

matagal ko nang gustong magdrawing ulit. mahilig ako sa mga mukha and i thought i’d do some portraits, thought i’d post a test here before i open my drawing blog (lol. is there such a thing?) it’s kind of anime-ish. pero ito na yung pinakaserious na kaya ko. kind of refreshing doing something a little different. anyways, here goes…

this is a test… pencil lang poh.

it’s my friend. haha, my muse is a boy… i drew him from memory (when he had messy hair). but i think he doesn’t like it. lolz. nung pinakita ko sa kanya, his eyes went like this O.o tapos… “nagdadrawing ka?!?” tapos O.o ulit, tapos… “hindi ko alam?!?” i can haz drawing skillz, yes? hahaha. pero his reaction is the reason why i’m having second thoughts… bibili sana ako ng graphics tablet but…

tell me what you think keh? there’s a small poll at the bottom of this post, i’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time and help me decide. this poll will be open till the fifteenth. i’ve already reserved a small spot on tumblr too. hihihi. thankshu thankshu! >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai


4 Responses to "this is a test"

pero saka mo na sya bilhin pag okey na yung mga
other needs mo na mas madali bilhin at the moment..

anyways,. ang category naman nitong tablet sa
wishlist mo eh.. “things i want but are also considered as needs”

ayoko bumoto kasi yes lng naman isasagot ko,.
bias ako eeh,. :p

Ayus naman boss nawalan lang ng praktis!

Hi…… post good 🙂

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