the tong yang challenge

Posted on: April 1, 2010

yes, i’m fattening myself. max, jude, and i kinda sorta planned this… eun we pigged out at tong yang’s yesterday. it’s a cozy little hot pot place with all the things you could cook… meh isda, baboy, gulay and what not. max made really really good soup and i had fun toasting some eggplants. hahaha. oh yes, i can haz cooking skillz.

round 1. melaikick versus ken … ken wins!

sinama ni max si kuya mel na pinsan niya at si ken, her younger brother. this little boy (lol, he’s bigger than me!) is one lean eating machine.  i mean, hinihigop niya yung gulay na parang spaghetti lang. para siyang vacuum! hahaha. normally, when you eat at hot pots, left overs aren’t allowed and if there were leftovers you’d have to pay. eh mukhang lugi yata yung tong yang kay ken. hahaha. piz!

habang nag-iihaw pa si ate max
ate max > o ken gusto mo pa?
ken > smiles at ate-his eyes become mere lines-then nods his head-grins-continues eating reaction
adorbs! then max proceeds to put more food on his plate… lol.

round 2. teh boss versus heydyude … teh boss wins!

coz i’m teh boss! jude is one of max’s best friends… sobrang bait. he’s like your all around handyman. hahaha. pwede siyang photographer on call, basta kailangan ng pixxorz! ; comic relief ;  fashion critic, alam niya kung anong cute sayo kahit di mo pa sinusuot ; at personal assistant, well, binuhat niya yung groceries namin ni max… uhm in short parang alila ni max. lol. biro lang!

aside from cooking tons of food, may inimbento nga pala kaming drink…

max gets some yellow-colored juice…
melaikick > (looks at juice) ano yan beb?
max > mango beb
jude > mangobeb?
then they bicker how it’s not called “mangobeb” and that she calls me “beb”
melaikick > penge ng mangobeb…
lolololololololololzz. rofl.

in the end, we all went home bloated and massaging our stomach but with big smiles on our faces. wheeeeeeeeee! >^.^<

i wish i could do this with my n00bcakes… the whole complete set. a shoutout to you guys: i miss you all, eating out, movies, playing that ball game thing at tom’s world… just plain bonding… (heaves a sigh). kamon kamon?

yun lang.

♥ melai


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