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now everyone can smile!

o hai guys! i’m currently endorsing a new product from lion japan. say hello to max toothpaste! ahihi. it’s for maximum gum protection and whiter teeth! now everyone can smile! it will be available this coming month at leading drugstores and supermarkets… wahehehe!

lol. biro lang poh! max’s mom had sent her packages and max was really sweet to share some with me! dagdag ko lang, she had also shared some before. it just so happened that i loved the toothpaste the most dahil sobrang sarap ng lasa at kapangalan pa ni max! tapos my wall decal has the same colors as the packaging. meron din akong toothbrush from saizen… so i thought i’d play with it. came up with “now everyone can smile!” hahaha! advertising 101, nagamit din kita finally!

here’s the rest of the loot… nao nao, melai is a chayniz girl using japaniz products. got some miso soup ; face powder ; the toothpaste, of course ; facial wash ; body wash ; soaps ; chocolate ; and a bra and panty set, max also has the same ones only in black. hahaha! thanks so much beb! these are wonderful and you’re so thoughtful! i can’t wait for our japan trip!

yun lang.

♥ melai

yummy drink factory

i was finally able to download yummy drink factory! yeheeey! i was getting bored with plants versus zombies and another mmorpg would make me lose what’s left of my sanity. this is another cutesy game… haha! wag nyo na i-deny na nacutan kayo sa pvz. at the least, that game made the thought of a zombie invasion look cute.

mabalik tayo sa yummy drink factory or ydf nalang, it is a time management game from amaranth games. the game starts with alexis, the redhead in the picture (yes, don’t like her design much… but it’s not important), gets lost in some forest habang nagmamaneho siya ng sports car! lolz. she sees this small coffee shop and orders a drink… let’s just say na in an extremely rude manner. at dahil mabilis ang karma, she’s been sent to fairytale isle… to serve drinks! pero teka, this is not a guide ha. it just so happens that i really really like the game, the brain exercise, and adorable drinks. na-adik din si max!

fairytale island … when i had just finished 21 drink recipes. you get to see other parts of the island after every ten days, in the game ha. they named the places really nicely. you start with the woodlands where you serve tree-dwellers ; snowlark pass, permanent frost people ; witchwood, so malamang witches ang pagsisilbihan mo ; stardale glen, fairies ; and candar kingdom, sa wakas humans na meron dito. gusto ko lang idagdag the game’s characters, well the ones you have to serve and the drinks were designed by my favorite illustrator, claire belton.

candar kingdom… this happens to be my favorite  i have the island parts’ screenshots here.

the best thing about this is that by the end of the game, alexis gets wee bit more kind and we are taught of the importance of being kind. give out and share kindness and you’ll receive it too.  mejo cheesy, pero being kind does warm the heart.

you can download the game here tapos share ninyo recipes ha?

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… to avoid any misunderstandings, the tone of this post isn’t negative. hehehe. tawa lang, keribels?

anyhoo… formspring anonymous is back… pero fail. hahaha.


so… i know i’m frak wasting my time on this person. hehehe. pero malakas lang trip ko eh. so here goes… evil melai mode on! una sa lahat, what’s your take on a person who has random thoughts of dead fetuses (oh yes. tama yan… it’s not feti, lol.)? unless, medical practitioner siya… but i find those people sensible enough not to talk about a dead fetus that way. scary! anong tendencies meron ka teh?

tapos, of all the things that this person could have said… fetus pa? ang weak naman! kasi kung ako yun at dahil meh pagka-evil nga din ako eh susulitin ko na at sasabihin ang pinaka-overkill na maiisip ko. hahaha. just kidding! nah, it’s not good to insult a person nor practice hate speech pero hindi rin ako magpapaapi noh. this reminded me of a quote from my lifehacker friend “i don’t strike first, but i strike back…

di naman ako nagmamaganda at lahat ng tao ay may perception ng kung ano ang maganda para sa kanila. pero bakit nag-aanonymous pa kung pretty o maganda? hehehe. don’t go prancing around and judging or insulting people tapos duwag naman. nyahahaha. tsk. nasobrahan ka na sa kape, teh! relaks ka lang at baka magoverheat ang brain cells mo jan. oh well, if you are able to read this formspring anonymous, then this one’s for you! click here. wahahaha!

yun lang. evil melai mode off!

♥ melai

i have a formspring account at naglagay pa ko ng link dito sa worduu. so… nananahimik lang naman ako dito tapos meh biglang chervams sa formspring ko na ganito. nyahaha.


i mean, kanino? although i have someone in mind… selos ka? hahaha! nga pala, insecurities would only stem a trapped and unhappy man, so kawawa naman siya.

hehehe. thanks for wasting your time on me, formspring anonymous… ditto nalang sayo. geh, magkape ka nalang jan. better get extra shots of espresso kasi… your brain needs to wake up. >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

more rants… i work my ass off pero bakit ang dami daming tamad na tao sa earth?! naholdap ako kahapon… by two assholes who probably had healthier lungs than me. one man pushed me to the ground pulled my body bag which wouldn’t come off… and then punched me several times in the face. kumusta naman, i look like a panda now, swollen face plus blackeye.

bakit ba nagnanakaw ang tao? sabi nila desperado sa pera… baket wala ba silang friends? baka naman tamad lang at gusto ng easy money.  ok ok, wala naman talagang strict code ang masama at mabuti, ang tama at mali. (lol. philo 101) pero those were two fit and normal looking people who had arms and legs… mukhang walang brains. tsk. tapos ba’t nananapak sila? wala akong masyadong laman para maging punching bag noh.

so… while resting at wala naman akong makausap, at walang mapagsabihan ng sama ng loob… (bisi miming is bisi and will just lecture me on life stuff, lol… but he did give me first aid and episodes of a funny japanese series… more on that soon) i turn to one of the things that comfort me, which is drawing. eh hindi pwedeng music, mag-emo lang ako; di rin pwedeng pagkain dahil puro sugat yung bibig ko. so here goes, just one of those doodles…

angry panda is angry. lol. learned meme from miming. did this with pencil and crayon. obviously, i can’t do a self portrait. well, i can but… heto nalang. we both have swollen faces tapos black eye and blue all over. hahaha. teka, di ako mataba but my body feels heavy… oh well, this is how i illustrated how i felt. at least di emo! hahaha! powerhug the panda, keke?

yun lang.

♥ melai

p. s.

i forgot to say thank you to all the people who helped and worried about me. salamat salamat!

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

super p. s.

nahuli na pala yung nangholdap sakin last may 26. muhahahahaha. buti nga!

yun lang ulit part tuu.

♥ melai

livin la vida loca … thank you for saving my life mrt! … and korean kids would put those things on your pictures.

it’s been a really crazy week for me… just wanted to rant about my hectic schedule. been going back and forth from ortigas to north edsa every frakkin day. i have my reasons pero mejo nakakapagod lang naman siya.  i get three hours of sleep… and i really get cranky at wala na ding epekto sakin ang kape. lol.

i’ve neglected a few things like i haven’t done any grocery shopping. nag-overnight si max a.k.a teh lord shimazu at si jude sa bahay ko for a dvd marathon but we ended up sleeping instead… when i woke up max was eating my wrists… laway and all. wahahaha. tulog pa siya nun pero so cute! halatang gutom mga bisita ko.

baliw din sa school sa ortigas. second day and i’ve been locked down the building. de kuryente kasi yung mga pinto tapos nagblack out. hahaha. a korean teacher there keeps patting me on the head and calls me baby, sweetheart, honey… and that’s only me. ek! and she’s a girl! i look cute, yes? tsk tsk. they have a penchant for cute for some reason. the other students… they put stuff on your computer image during classes. minsan meh star at extrang tenga ng pusa pa ko sa ulo.

in between classes and calls and commissions at random bouts of taylor swift songs… i’ve been playing doctor love  too. ako pa na bobo pag dating sa ganyan. bat niyo ko tinatanong about laaab??? meh nagtatanong kung paano aakitin ulit yung asawa, meh nagtatanong kung pano manligaw, at panong gagawin sa date?!? earth why me? wahuhu. oh well. there’ll be one typo art about this soon!

pero sige na nga! bring it on! yep, it’s been a crazy week, this is a crazy non-coherent post, and i must be crazy… but all the awesome people are. (hehehe, self-help kuno >^.^< i know some really wonderful people but they’re totally bonkers. lol, lam niyo na kung sino kayo! i miss you all!) that or… the world is being overrun by zombies. hihihi.

yun lang. meh goes back to sleep.

♥ melai

the last time i drew something other than chibi stuffed animals was when my filipino 101 (take note 101, so freshman class yan!) professor asked us to do some poetry. lol. eh kasi, i just was not in the mood to write… i made a few stanzas tapos nagdrawing nalang ako… well something related to that particular poem, i drew a happy girl actually. i got an a+ though… my professor must have been bored too. lol.

matagal ko nang gustong magdrawing ulit. mahilig ako sa mga mukha and i thought i’d do some portraits, thought i’d post a test here before i open my drawing blog (lol. is there such a thing?) it’s kind of anime-ish. pero ito na yung pinakaserious na kaya ko. kind of refreshing doing something a little different. anyways, here goes…

this is a test… pencil lang poh.

it’s my friend. haha, my muse is a boy… i drew him from memory (when he had messy hair). but i think he doesn’t like it. lolz. nung pinakita ko sa kanya, his eyes went like this O.o tapos… “nagdadrawing ka?!?” tapos O.o ulit, tapos… “hindi ko alam?!?” i can haz drawing skillz, yes? hahaha. pero his reaction is the reason why i’m having second thoughts… bibili sana ako ng graphics tablet but…

tell me what you think keh? there’s a small poll at the bottom of this post, i’d really appreciate it if you’d take the time and help me decide. this poll will be open till the fifteenth. i’ve already reserved a small spot on tumblr too. hihihi. thankshu thankshu! >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.