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Posted on: March 20, 2010

tweet tweet! bweeeh, i still suck at photomanipulations. but i can haz better photoshop skillz soon! lol. i suck at l337 too.

i finally succumbed… to microblogging that is! ngayon ko lang narealize na ok siyang communication medium and another place to vent. hehehe… dito muna ako kahit nagpuplurk na ang buong earth! lolz. so eun… meron na po akong twitter account. huzzah! follow me follow me! and i’d follow back of course! follow me here…

i added the twitter widget on my sidebar too. gaaaah, somebody shoot me if i start linklogging!

yun lang. follow meh!

β™₯ melai

5/23/2011 … so uh, i was reviewing my posts and i was deleting the ones that i thought weren’t really important and update the ones that i could improve on… eh i hated the pixxor i put in this post, both miming and max say it was a failpic so i made some changes… bwehehehe! please do follow teh boss melaikick.

yun lang ulit.

β™₯ melai


5 Responses to "tweet tweet"

nice try beb! yey! hahaha +100000 skillz!

gujab! ANd do you know you can actually link your tweets to fb? So ako I just do updates using twitter and it automaticaly goes to fb. Less hassle. πŸ™‚

yup yup! hahaha. di kita mahanap sa twitter mam… ifollow sana kita. *u* πŸ™‚

thanks elli! xoxo!

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