the nasugbu outing cherva

Posted on: March 18, 2010

teh big boss melaikick and teh lord shimazu … my favorite picture taken by kuya ryce… more pixxorz here.

wahehehe. my first outing cherva with hp! supposedly team building siya eh kaya lang hindi naman lahat nakasama so… outing drama cherva nalang. hihihi. di rin masyadong prepared bara bara nalang… di ko naexperience ang ganito sa si-bee-gi. hahaha. not that we don’t go on team buildings, but there’s always a two hour meeting for trips like these. anyway, di ako dapat sasama but since i needed to take my mind off of things eh di hala shworla.

team paulo roco at ang bota ni miss montano

hahaha, feeling ko lang magsuot ng bota para sa outing na to… thought it was lucky. i wore it during my last team building… which was so much fun! wahehehe. i guess it still has luck! we left streeem at around past 3 p.m. wala pa kong tulog at saka wala pang kain…

melaikick > waaah gutom na ko…
team mates > wula lang
melaikick > waaah gutom na gutom na ko…
kuya mac > (naawa) tm, gutom na daw si melai
tm paulo > sige tigil tayo sa kainan
kuya mac > o melai san mo gusto?
melaikick > (sees mcdo) mcdo!
kuya mac > lampas na…
wahahahaha… and we ended up eating at jollibee! lolz.

dumating kami sa munting buhangin ng eksaktong 7:26 avaya time… oha oha! at grabe ang hagdan pababa sa beach sobrang dami. reminded me of our ancestral house in quezon. siksikan kami sa isang room… bweeeh. after we had all settled down… there weren’t any assigned tasks by the way so max and i joined the others at the beach front. lublub galore! the sand was clean… and the water too! water plus sand, works sort of like an exfoliator, hahaha! kinis legs!

nasan na ba ang mga alila ko???

the sky was clear as well, making the stars really really visible. heeee~! it helped with the pondering… too much stuff happened that past week. my brain was in the state of excessive activity, ehem, not in the perverted kind of way, ok? hahaha. i also learned though that if you wanted to clear your mind, stare at the open sea (at least if it’s nearby). well, it works for me. bakit? the sea is bluish in color and blue is a quite calming… di ba?

stress eating din ako, for the whole trip. siguro oras oras kain ako ng kain… niloloko na nila ako. hahaha. i ate two plates of rice the first night i got there… and a mixture of ulam; for breakfast, i’ve had two helpings of noodles, and then rice and chicken adobo; had ice cream before lunch, and two plates of rice again and eggplant and chicken and whatnot before we left. i never eat this way. eating is calming? wahahaha.

eeeeeeeeeeeeee… mga artista! rabu rabu! *u*

sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa outing na to… outing talaga kasi, when we got home di ko na pala sila ka-team. although max was sent to the same team as me… wheeee! woi, sama pa din ako kapag meh round tuuuu! thanks a lot sa alaga, pagkain, at lubluban!

yun lang.

♥ melai


4 Responses to "the nasugbu outing cherva"

hahah quezon naman beb! tas HK hahah! yiheee!♥

tapos japan! yihiii!

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