part 2/3: the deviation

Posted on: March 8, 2010

that was the last straw… i came home from my birthday party in tagaytay… only to find out i had lost the money i kept in my room… for the nth time and some of my gadgets were missing too. with all the coldness and lies, i left home… stayed at a friend’s house. then and there i decided to live by myself. i decided to get a place of my own.

when my mother died, the elders had decided to ship us off with them but for me that was the land of nowhere. i had work. i had my so-called family. i chose to remain… after that, everyone was blaming me for her death… emails pouring in about what a useless daughter i was.

my father came home to try to fix things or maybe to lie to his current wife.  two weeks of agony. i was barraged with questions. what did my friends do for a living? he didn’t like my friends…  why did i choose to get a home in some far-off place that looked like it was punished by the gods? even my utensils were questioned… i was keeping my resolve to be quiet until a horrendous decision came… marry me off to some man?! it was pure detestion. from then on… i allowed no more emails and no more calls. nothing.

i started having mood swings and lost my temper often. i had arguments with people in authority at work. it was hard for me not show my feelings… there were times that i didn’t know what i was really feeling. i became hard headed… stopped listening to advises and made my own rules…

i defied the truth too and made myself to believe that everything would come into place… but if only we could defy our hearts so easily…

yun lang.

♥ melai


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