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Posted on: March 25, 2010

meh celebrates with a bit of cake! it’s a mango royale mini om nom nom nom nom nom… ehem ehem. matapos ang halos tatlong taong pakikipagsapalaran… this is my 100th post! yehey!

timeline… i had blogs before prior to melaikick, the first one was on friendster… hahaha! it did not live long i was an extremely busy college student then; the second one was in multiply pero i didn’t like the platform… not much editing can be done and there are no sidebars heeee~! good for pictures though; the third one was on blogspot… i liked the platform but i didn’t understand css then; then i moved to wordpress! i made an english-korean blog called moonmirae pero i cancelled it because nobody understood my rants. nyahahahaha.

june of 2008… i started becoming stressed at home and i needed a place to vent out… so eun, i put up melaikick. my posts did not even have pictures back then and i used a minimalist three-column theme. i decided to word this blog in taglish. eh di naman maintindihan ng mga kaibigan ko ang korean tapos masyadong boring kung pure english… *u*

san ba galing ang melaikick? we had team chats before when i was with si-bee-gi. my first boss was the coolest and he’s a bit lenient when it comes to chat. so one day…

sa team dy unit chat
sobrang avail pero walang nagchachat kasi busy nagsusurf (oh yes, this was allowed before…)
melaikick > (bored na bored na bored)…
melaikick > melai… kick!
melaikick > yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > 0_0 melai baliw! hahahahaha!

later on that day…
team mate ko meh ginawang kalokohan…
boss mickey > melai melai
melaikick > po?
boss mickey > /kick ? kick mo si *****
melaikick > lolz. melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
boss mickey > gujab melaikick!

from then on my boss called me melaikick. kind of liked it and it stuck. hahaha.

content… i write stuff ranging from issues with friends and relatives to silly objects like tissue and eggs… about how the day could not have been gayer and the bading stuff like papercraft, girly girl games, and other pa-cute things that i do. lolz. i have here stories of my adventures with people most important to me… emo rants, and the like. baket ba?

this blog has been a part of me. (no way you’re gonna shake me you’ll always be my darling baby bloggie… lalalalala!) it’s helped me lessen my anxiety, my fears, helped me ponder and think, helped me cope up at the least. hehehe. kind of like a bestfriend na walang choice kundi makinig. harhar!

meron din namang nagbago… the theme is albeo now with all the widgets that i like and i’ve learned the workaround regarding divs. naglalagay na din ako ng pixxorz! hahaha! a big thanks to all who read this blog! salamat sa inyong pagbisita! happy 100 bloggie! let’s go melaikick! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

yun lang. meh goes back to eating cake…

♥ melai

tweet tweet! bweeeh, i still suck at photomanipulations. but i can haz better photoshop skillz soon! lol. i suck at l337 too.

i finally succumbed… to microblogging that is! ngayon ko lang narealize na ok siyang communication medium and another place to vent. hehehe… dito muna ako kahit nagpuplurk na ang buong earth! lolz. so eun… meron na po akong twitter account. huzzah! follow me follow me! and i’d follow back of course! follow me here…

i added the twitter widget on my sidebar too. gaaaah, somebody shoot me if i start linklogging!

yun lang. follow meh!

♥ melai

5/23/2011 … so uh, i was reviewing my posts and i was deleting the ones that i thought weren’t really important and update the ones that i could improve on… eh i hated the pixxor i put in this post, both miming and max say it was a failpic so i made some changes… bwehehehe! please do follow teh boss melaikick.

yun lang ulit.

♥ melai

teh big boss melaikick and teh lord shimazu … my favorite picture taken by kuya ryce… more pixxorz here.

wahehehe. my first outing cherva with hp! supposedly team building siya eh kaya lang hindi naman lahat nakasama so… outing drama cherva nalang. hihihi. di rin masyadong prepared bara bara nalang… di ko naexperience ang ganito sa si-bee-gi. hahaha. not that we don’t go on team buildings, but there’s always a two hour meeting for trips like these. anyway, di ako dapat sasama but since i needed to take my mind off of things eh di hala shworla.

team paulo roco at ang bota ni miss montano

hahaha, feeling ko lang magsuot ng bota para sa outing na to… thought it was lucky. i wore it during my last team building… which was so much fun! wahehehe. i guess it still has luck! we left streeem at around past 3 p.m. wala pa kong tulog at saka wala pang kain…

melaikick > waaah gutom na ko…
team mates > wula lang
melaikick > waaah gutom na gutom na ko…
kuya mac > (naawa) tm, gutom na daw si melai
tm paulo > sige tigil tayo sa kainan
kuya mac > o melai san mo gusto?
melaikick > (sees mcdo) mcdo!
kuya mac > lampas na…
wahahahaha… and we ended up eating at jollibee! lolz.

dumating kami sa munting buhangin ng eksaktong 7:26 avaya time… oha oha! at grabe ang hagdan pababa sa beach sobrang dami. reminded me of our ancestral house in quezon. siksikan kami sa isang room… bweeeh. after we had all settled down… there weren’t any assigned tasks by the way so max and i joined the others at the beach front. lublub galore! the sand was clean… and the water too! water plus sand, works sort of like an exfoliator, hahaha! kinis legs!

nasan na ba ang mga alila ko???

the sky was clear as well, making the stars really really visible. heeee~! it helped with the pondering… too much stuff happened that past week. my brain was in the state of excessive activity, ehem, not in the perverted kind of way, ok? hahaha. i also learned though that if you wanted to clear your mind, stare at the open sea (at least if it’s nearby). well, it works for me. bakit? the sea is bluish in color and blue is a quite calming… di ba?

stress eating din ako, for the whole trip. siguro oras oras kain ako ng kain… niloloko na nila ako. hahaha. i ate two plates of rice the first night i got there… and a mixture of ulam; for breakfast, i’ve had two helpings of noodles, and then rice and chicken adobo; had ice cream before lunch, and two plates of rice again and eggplant and chicken and whatnot before we left. i never eat this way. eating is calming? wahahaha.

eeeeeeeeeeeeee… mga artista! rabu rabu! *u*

sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa outing na to… outing talaga kasi, when we got home di ko na pala sila ka-team. although max was sent to the same team as me… wheeee! woi, sama pa din ako kapag meh round tuuuu! thanks a lot sa alaga, pagkain, at lubluban!

yun lang.

♥ melai

professor melaikick … this is actually petix time at work. hihihi.

professor melaikick here… wahahaha! mukhang teacher! thanks to kuya ferdie for teh glasses. okay class, our lesson for today is…  meron na kong formspring! you can ask me anything here…

there’s also a permanent link under “notice” on the upper right hand corner. kekeke? ask nu ko, kahit anuuu.

yun lang.

♥ melai

on the road to batangas… the sun was in it’s ever glorious state but i was sleepy. we passed too many towns and buildings… until the pineapples started showing themselves on the road. my pupils’ diameter must have become larger. 37 kilometers… 11 kilometers… 200 meters… and i saw taal vista hotel once again. aaah memories…

this was where i celebrated my 23rd birthday and this was where i established… sorry could not find the right words… my family. well, at least in my heart. i always did find solace in them… there was one point my world only revolved in them. there was one point i declined a chance just to be with them.

the sun was starting to set… it was a fiery red now. when i was applying for si-bee-gi years back, the interviewer asked my fellow interviewee this question… “how will you describe the color red to a blind person?” thoughts of pain, anger, searing heat came to my mind… and then sadness…

the van kept treading on a winding path. till finally with an abrupt halt, we reached our destination. the sun had gone and there were mellow lights all over. laid on the sand and stared at the sky, which was clear and full of stars. imagine the mind snapshots i did, i have never looked up to a clear starry sky in three years. wasn’t there are quote about stars and friends? friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there… friendship and love… isn’t that what makes everything worthwhile?

i slept beside max, who was snoozing like a rock… a cute rock. i smiled as she turned over. one of my stars… i have got to make a choice, the right one… and i stared outside the window where i saw a familiar brightening flame marking an end to the dark night…

yun lang.

♥ melai

that was the last straw… i came home from my birthday party in tagaytay… only to find out i had lost the money i kept in my room… for the nth time and some of my gadgets were missing too. with all the coldness and lies, i left home… stayed at a friend’s house. then and there i decided to live by myself. i decided to get a place of my own.

when my mother died, the elders had decided to ship us off with them but for me that was the land of nowhere. i had work. i had my so-called family. i chose to remain… after that, everyone was blaming me for her death… emails pouring in about what a useless daughter i was.

my father came home to try to fix things or maybe to lie to his current wife.  two weeks of agony. i was barraged with questions. what did my friends do for a living? he didn’t like my friends…  why did i choose to get a home in some far-off place that looked like it was punished by the gods? even my utensils were questioned… i was keeping my resolve to be quiet until a horrendous decision came… marry me off to some man?! it was pure detestion. from then on… i allowed no more emails and no more calls. nothing.

i started having mood swings and lost my temper often. i had arguments with people in authority at work. it was hard for me not show my feelings… there were times that i didn’t know what i was really feeling. i became hard headed… stopped listening to advises and made my own rules…

i defied the truth too and made myself to believe that everything would come into place… but if only we could defy our hearts so easily…

yun lang.

♥ melai

when i was about five, i had to live in the province because my parents were poor and had no time to look after me. my maternal grandparents though were rich. i lived in our ancestral home, a villa by the sea. it was a big house and i loved it there because it had secret sliding doors, the cabinets were huge i could hide in them for hours.

i was so tiny that time. a little girl with butt long hair dressed in pastels… i only had one friend, a strawberry doll. my grandparents were always busy with work, they were popular and were always away… i had to eat in a big round table all by myself.

as i grew up… our financial situation got better. my dad was able to go to the states. he made planes. he made lots of money but then… he forgot about us. when i started studying, i  thought i’d do really good, you know, make him proud and all, prod him to love us back and so every year i never failed to make it to the honor society. i was particularly good in spelling and my friends were geeks. we all competed in our fields for the bulprisa, rio in general information, paulo in mathematics, and me in spelling, (odd that i hate reading now) it was supposed to be david for science but he lost during eliminations. i was always with the student council but… medals, rewards and speeches did not make my father budge. he was busy with his wives.

my mother on the other hand was used to living the life. and she never taught me how to clean the house nor cook. she was fervently religious, and most of the time would not come home because there was some event at the church. contrary to her religious nature, she was also reckless and a bit irresponsible… i did not have a curfew, it was me who got worried if it was past midnight and she was not home yet. when i started working, we had lots of fights when it came to money. she was sickly like me and i kept telling her to have herself checked up and now the only time i see her is when she is haunting me in my dreams.

my sister and i were always compared. she was the pretty one, i was the smart (not really “smart”) one… but the smart ones were common in the family. an uncle once approached me and said, “you know you’re not pretty like your sister.” i pretended to ignore it but i was fighting that feeling in my heart. for pageants they looked to my sister, for family portraits it would still be her… not that i wanted to do those things. the cousins were spoiled brats but were always favored by the elders for some reasons i would never know.

in the eyes of my ex-boyfriend’s pure chinese family i was a fly in their cristal… they could not afford to let a half-blood into the family. for my graduation dinner, bought a pure chinese girl with him. he says she was the fiancee. held the tears back an hour or so and emptied them after the main course at the backroom. he’d left after that.

my body’s weak, i know that… had been really sick once and after the nurses and doctors had taken off stuff from me, i laid on the hospital bed, helpless. i ate alone. i vomited alone. my tolerance for aspiration was low and i screamed in pain, nurses pinning me to a chair. my mind was yelling “make it stop!” later i would literally say the words… but they wouldn’t. hours later i would wake up and a cleaning lady would greet me.

i stare at the face of the person i love the most and he does not see me. what used to be a warm kind face is now a blank expression. to him, i am nothing. nothing but a dispensable piece of rag… useful at one point in time but then thrown aside after being used. i was glad to be that rag it was the best i could be for him.

thus a shadowed figure in a sea of thousands; a shrinking violet amidst the other flowers; an invisible being trampled upon even by the people she loves. that was me… that was the insignificant.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.