the crazy side of you…

Posted on: February 27, 2010

emo mode on! oh crap. no worries this is an emo-funny post.

meron talagang mga tao na makikilala natin at hindi natin kayang tantanang mahalin… no matter how hard we try. there are just some loves that don’t go away. sorry, baliw ako at tanga, spilling how i feel online… but i guess, it is ok… mukhang hindi ko masasabi in real life. so here goes…

i fell because he is funny, he made me smile genuinely… i fell because he is a genius, he made all sorts of awesome and taught me some too… i fell because he is simple, yung direct to the point ba… i fell because he smelled so nice, somewhat like sweet milk… i fell because he always knew the answers, could read me so easily… and i could say a bazillion more things why i fell but that would take a really really looooong time… i guess, i fell ultimately because of that crazy side if his, alam mo yung nagtatransform na monster… heeeh. biro lang. it is when he does things the average person won’t do… he reaches his dreams.

but somehow, (ayan na!) i was at the wrong place at the wrong time… always. but no matter how painful it is to love him…  hindi ko mapigilan. as miming puts it “teh powarrrr~!” **places “kundiman by silent sanctuary” on repeat** mahirap i-hack ang puso niya, di ba teh? pero, for someone as wonderful as him, masaya ako just to see him, support lang (lolz! parang pc..) to you, if you do happen to read this, always remember… i have loved you with an everlasting love and that love is freely given. alam ko naman na alam mo yan. woi woi, ikaw pa rin ang first love ko, ha? yiheeee!

yun lang.

♥ melai


this sounded so weird, i rarely talk about my loves. idk why i still love this person but hey, bakit ba? go lang ng go! (the emoness has worn off of meh) wag nyo na kong kulitin kung sino yan. di nyo siya kilala. hahaha! basta!


3 Responses to "the crazy side of you…"

yikitiw! 🙂

lolz. tito beh! >^.^<

hahahaha! luv ya, melai… ingats. 🙂

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