Posted on: February 15, 2010

went to the up fair last thursday for the yesthursday concert. dahil common off namin at saka the band line up was great. muhahaha. it was so much fun. went in shorts and my lazy flowy pink top, which miming despises. hehe. nagkita muna kami ni max, na galing sa stress eating spree sa sm tapos went to miming’s house… and by buddha! miming groomed himself… ligo, toothbrush, gel and all. lolz. dumating din si candy killer kiss marv, hehehe. reminded me of a big black bear.

what’s left of yesthursday…

dumating kami sa sunken garden when spongecola was playing. bought tickets for 90 pesos. sulit sulit. but the line was so long by the time we got in a new band (well, maybe? di ko sila kilala eh.) was playing. not really the way i wanted to start my yesthursday experience… the vocalist of the band has these hand affectations that… err, made him look gay. pumipilantik! and of course, a while later we were doing funny immitations of it. muhahaha.

nicer bands went next, i liked soapdish’s “pwede ba”. and then came… silent sanctuary! they started with my favorite favorite song too, which is “kundiman”… para kang asukal, singtamis mong magmahal~!  i was drooling over the black s electric violin. yes, fangirl (spaaaz) i am.  we listened to some more bands hanggang magutom na kami at nagdesisyon na lumamon ng shawarma. kind of nice sitting on grass and talking to friends underneath the stars.

after more rocking out and some 90’s music we had some henna tattoos done. pinili ko yung chinese character for the word wish. dunno, i picked it at random, di ko tiningnan yung meanings. it seemed pretty eh. maybe i’m wishing for something. had it placed on the upper left of my back. gusto ko lang idagdag, the kuya who did the tattoo had soft hands. tsk, should have asked for his facebook, their crew was taking pictures of him and my back. pay meh?

on the other hand, yung keh miming “sorrow” on his left arm… emo mode yung pusa.  si max naman sort of an abstract design with a g-clef. bweeeh malandi, pinalagay niya sa leeg niya. resulta? pretty but stiffed neck.  si marv kuripot, ayaw magpalagay ng ink sa katawan. haha.

we roamed around a bit, there were shops and stalls at the back. i bought a pin with a pink chain, a silver heart locket, and a purple violin. labet! si max panglanding purple headband binili tapos si miming… bracelet nga ba? at siyempre si marv, kuripot. lolz.

we went back to catch the last bands… hmmm, naalala ko that was around moonstar 88 coz max and i were emo-texting while “migraine” was playing. more bands then it was kamikazee and parokya ni edgar… funny! ayos sila, the first calls the latter “matatanda”, and parokya calls them “adik”.

there was a fireworks display by the end of yesthursday. ang ganda! *u* it’s like colorful rain and sparkles!

one thing that the organizers could improve on would be the toilets… gwabee, mejo kulang at sobrang haba ng pila at eeeeeeeeeeeeee (that sums it up), because the place is filled with c2 tea for some reason and other diuretics. in short, wee wee madaming madami. you’d be torn between peeing in a really really dark enclosed box with too much germs or holding your pee until your bladder blows.

anywayz, most of us chose the latter. si max mejo naweewee na daw siya nung tumutugtog yung kamikazee… that was around past 12 midnight. she’d been holding it off for around two hours more or less. muhahaha. kaya lang, di naman kami taga up, di namin alam kung san meh malinis na cr. so…

all four of us looking for a restroom, a clean one
max > sasabog na yung bladder ko! 30 seconds later…
max > sasabog na yung bladder ko! 20 seconds later…
max > sasabog na yung bladder ko! 10 seconds later…
max > sasabog na yung bladder ko!
miming and marv > takbo ka na kasi dun sa damuhan. training yan! nyahahaha!
lolz. pis tayu beb.

sa huli, nakauwi din si melaikick. the yesthursday ticket and the pin with charms has already been added to my corkboard. next year ulit, ha? ahihi.

yun lang.

♥ melai


churi, wala masyadong pictures… miming’s cam was borrowed by zombie carl. but there are some salvaged ones here.


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