relief goods from the empire

Posted on: January 8, 2010

mmmm nom nom nom nom nom… had this for breakfast still half asleep…

max’s mother had sent her usual padala from the land of the rising sun and max decided to share some of them with me! awwww… eun, dumating siya sa opisina na may dala-dalang malaking paperbag na puno ng… tawagin nating… instant japanese relief goods!  isa kasi akong nasalantang blogger… hahaha! well, everybody knows what happened to my wallet and its contents last december.

mabalik tayo sa foods na ito… sobrang natuwa ako sa kanila! i received jas noodles, instant rice, instant curry, and some chocoleeeee!  the noodles were great! mas masarap kehsa sa instant noodles natin dito. finished them off in one sitting. hahaha. gutom ako eh. i wasn’t surprised with the instant curry but the instant rice… hehehe, ingenious teh! add water and ayan na shworla! tapos put ulam on top nalang. bagay saken… hahaha! (lolz, my rice cooker has served me well… ilu rice cooker! )

thanks a lot maxxie! saved some for miming! hahaha! ang dalawang hapon sa buhay ko… lolz!

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "relief goods from the empire"

welcome beb. there’s more to come. wahahah XD

[…] had sent her packages and max was really sweet to share some with me! dagdag ko lang, she had also shared some before. it just so happened that i loved the toothpaste the most dahil sobrang sarap ng lasa at kapangalan […]

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