the n00bcakes shirt

Posted on: December 28, 2009

friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… it’s about who came and never left your side. wahehe. i’ve had good old friends waaay back nung elementary pa ako… but there’s this group of people whom i love and cherish because they make my life worth living… hehehe. eh sino pa? noobcakes koooh! at since boring ng magpost ng typo art na psd file lang at no entry na ko sa si-bee-gi… gumawa ako ng tee! eto o…

the n00bshirt by melaikick … i apologize for the low image resolution. la pa kong camera weh…

so eun nga, i made a shirt… lolz inulit ko lang… this is a testament to that friendship at least sa puso ko. hehe. the happiest moments my heart knows is with them. kaya naman labs na labs ko yang mga yan eh.

maxxie’s snaps of me… ahihi

so let me define what a n00bcake is… it is the person who has been there for you through everything, not just through the fun things, or the little things. a person whom you call when you are at your absolute worst, a person who saves you when you didn’t even notice that you needed saving, mostly it is the person who accepts you for who you are…

psd front

psd back

hehehe. the font is called action jackson. played with some leet speak here.  i do play games… but i play the girly ones like poupeegirl, bunni, petsoc, and plants vs. zombies… i still play cabal but only when i’m mad. hmmmm, naglaro ako ng ikariam for a bit, then i got sick when i opened it again, deadz na lahat ng tauhan ko. hahaha… saka i sort of like dota, erm… watching my friends play dota! but they get annoyed when i ask stuff like… “baket blue yung kalaban?” lolz. anyway, if you’re looking for blood, swordfighting… boobs… hahaha. those boy games… i recommend you go to where you’ll meet our resident gamer dude.

peace out!

so to my noobcakes, kung gusto nyo nito… it’s free and customizable of course…also available in black. >^.^< you know wut to do…

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’ll be putting up my own online shop for custom shirts soon… prolly around mid-january. i’m still kind of tweaking the flash in it and i’m still waiting for some hi-res pics and models, huhuhu. the teasers will be up by january 1 though… ahihi.

yun lang ulet.

♥ melai


>>si karlo padawan naunang sumagot nung sarbey ko… ahihi. thanks karlo! hetong note nya:

master melai mwah! hamishooo!! 😦 di man lang ako nakapaalam sayo, ang bilis ng mga pangyayari tapos di pa tayo magka-shift.. but you look happy, so i’m happy for you 🙂 di ko lam yung size ng shirt eh gusto ko fit, so baka small pero nilagay ko medium haha! so sige small nalang. ayan iniba ko na :)) KITAKITS DALI!!!

>>answer from chama!

Melai-bear! I miss you 🙂 Hindi ako sure sa size pero Small na lang baka kasi maging mid riff yung shirt pag XS haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at Happy Fiesta na rin! Mwah! ♥

>>from nowie… naks! aawwwwww!

i love the shirt melai… surprise me with your ideas pa

>>from my cutee padatoo may-anne

gawin mong cute 😀 amishu na… stay happy… see you soon… muwahugggzz

>>awwwww. jamie you’re so nice! nu ka ba… walang bayad to. miao miao is part of the family!

c Joca kukuha ko rin? hehehe.
Pay ku na lang. Basta mas malaki size nya kesa
ke Gaki. Ilagay mu sa likod ng shirt nya
♥Bujoca labs Bujamie♥
tas black shirt kmi pareho;)mwahugstyT!btw, ur a real genius with those shirts:)
Ill be waiting for more updates on ur new biz;)
I mishue so mats! huhu.. Merry Christams and I wish you the grandest New Year:)

3 Responses to "the n00bcakes shirt"

plus +100 exp for you n00b. well done on the l337, lolz! i heb camera foo! X( ba’t di mo sinabi need mo pa pic ~_~

7|-|4|\||<$! L0LZ. 17$ j00r d4rL1|\|9 b4B'/ d$Lr… wanna do the photoshoot for this one, my furry little friend???

xmpre kukuha aku. hehehe!

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