the great hp kv6 training adventure

Posted on: December 20, 2009

cct = call center tayo… hehehe.

hp kv6 peeps during cct

got some coffee? di katulad ng cct sa si-bee-gi, cct at streeem was actually rigorous. it’s already like pst! we did one of those effin role plays… try saying “13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel…” without stopping. i did! wahahaha. enjoyed it anyway.

“people only…” nyahaha. kapag nagkakamali si alain, the big boss cct trainer… yan sinasabi nya. everyone picked it up after a few days. hehe. and then, at the end of the day he says “english expiring already…” hihi.

i thought i was going to miss si-bee-gi that much… turns out streeem is an extension of si-bee-gi… the hr people are nice except for one scary lady… but the atm card is all wrong… it’s from one of the banks that deduct php 10 when you withdraw from another bank… i miss you, bdo! what else? we have our own headsets and lockers… the facilities are good… the pantry looks like a cozy resto, the floor is so big too we have our own stations and though the loo is too far from the floor, its friggin faucets have infrared! hehehe… wanna work for streeem? email me!

pst = petix saya talaga! lolz!

pst was great! and these are what we learned or did:

1. hint hint. nudge nudge… lam nyo na yan.

2. never ever ever eveeeerr neeeeverrr! said when reiterating prohibitions.

3. singing nobody just to annoy the other class… i want your body, your body not you! lalalalalaaaa!

4. leo’s [the big boss pst trainer] fast ball… he throws mentos and chocolate candy at us… like some sort of little rewards. but one time he hit the sony bravia at the back of the training room. i thought it was going to break!

5. foods… gaaah! one of the perks of working in a mall… great foods! nom nom nom nom nom! pizza, pasta, humongous sandwiches, chickeeeen! daily ice cream… you name it. urban chef? what’s that?! nyaaaahaha! plus… they were surprised i could finish off 1.5 liters of iced tea.

max is trying to turn me into an eating machine…

6. kv6 is friggin oinkable… the little pervs. bweeeh! ex. when leo says “get your tools up…”, know wut i mean? most of the jokes leo cracks were rated xxx! and they enjoyed every bit of it. one of my favorites was… “ho ho ho, i’m santa! wanna sit on my lap?” wahahahaha!

7. but they’re all awesome… for some reason, they treat me like a kid, when i’m older than most of them. but they’re all sweet… to me at the least. i’ve been called sunshine, sugar, sweetheart, honey, dear… by the hr guys, manong and ate guards, even the uncle tms.

with daddy leo! leo’s angels? hehehe.

graduation! sa wakas! after weeks of petix… er, hardwork. [ubo ubo!] baket? information overload saka the exams were difficult… not because it was difficult to answer but they kept timing out! but i learned how to fix my pavilion anyway… wahehehe.

got a bear from ahrie and roy’s a perv… hehehe!

nom nom nom… inom! this has already been a photofest but if you want to check out the other pics… go here.

we celebrated at a local bar? shop? whatever… somewhere in kamuning. i drank one bottle of beer… i swear, n00bs! dun want to pass out! shared one plate filled with rice, chicken, and lumpiang shanghai with ahrie, harold, and mona… ang kalat! eh wala gutom kami!

saka… kumanta din ako, although out of tune… my ever favorite “this guy’s in love with you, pare” and “nobody”. i was exceptionally happy when leo said “this one’s for you, maria!” hehe. he sang a song for me, so nice. >^.^< he calls me maria instead of melai. hahaha. lei would do but he stuck with maria. dunno why…

i got a really nice brown honey bear from ahrie. thank you! its name is michael! (pano ba yan, miming?) right now, it in my console… hugging my cookie jar. ahihi.

ngayon… everyone ready for auto in? evil melai laugh!

yun lang.

♥ melai


5 Responses to "the great hp kv6 training adventure"

im not a pervert… im a lover noh…

max is trying to turn me into an eating machine… – no im not.; ahahaha lolz.

lolz… ano kaya yung mga pinapakain mo saken araw araw?!

huwaw! so this is the mall you were talking about! Enjoy my dear. I know you are! 🙂

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