popteen models ♥

Posted on: December 13, 2009

i have two half-filipino, half-japanese friends. gaki, who happens to be my bestfriend… and marico, a new found friend at streeeeem (ganyan ko nalang ispell, para walang problems chervams, just like si-bee-gi. kekeke?) so when i saw a tutorial for the popteen text, i decided to make some fake covers. nga  pala, popteen is like the seventeen magazine of japan. it’s one of the popular ones.

hehe. mejo simple nga lang tong mga covers ko compared to the originals but hey… marico and gaki are practically dreamboats, they make up for anything lacking. grabe! ganito ko kayo kamahal??? salamat nga pala, ninakaw ko yung pictures nyo from facebook and friendster. bweeeh! nyahaha!

also, i have lots of photoshop brushes already and i’ve already run ccleaner. to the great brushmakers, if you see your brush here, just pm me and i will put a link for you. thank you! o heto na… wag nyo seryosohin yung hiragana or katakana… pinaghirapan ko yan but i can’t read japanese. lolz! please enjoy!

mariko-chaaan~! so japa-nice!

i changed the ‘c’ to a ‘k’… for a more japanese look. since she likes pink so much, eh di ayan pink cover! a friend calls her piglet, kaya there’s “piglet” on the cover… yun lang poh ang reason. ke? she’s a really sweet girl, mahilig magpicture picture, at matakaw! hehe. pis tayuuuuu! she was born december kaya naman december issue yan. anyways, i’ve only known her for three weeks, i’m hoping she’d be part of noobcakes. ahihi.

gakikun~! i have the powar!

miming is starting to be my muse. haha. my muse is a boy! i took this picture nung isang taon, i guess. oh well, if you visit his bee-log, malalaman nyo na mukha siyang gadgets… darling baby pc and all. teeeka… psp ko? hehehe. ok lang saken, keep it for now. he plays bass too. kaya yan nasa cover nya yan. he gets the september issue since he was born that month. and it has to be blue. i tried yellow… a color he favors, observation ko lang… but it looked gay!

melai-chaaan~! neko desu!

ay sos… ako! siyempre blog ko to! mine’s the july issue, eh advanced happy birthday to me! lalalala~! yellow nalang saken. yung parang sa bioman, yellow four! di ako hapon, nakisali lang ako… hahaha. but since popteen is read in taiwan and i’m partly chinese… pwede na rin. weh, talagang pinilit. no need for other details, halos nandito na buhay ko sa melaikick. i hope you enjoyed my art…

yun lang. suteki da ne?

♥ melai


5 Responses to "popteen models ♥"

lolz! the ozumness is jooooooo~!

awww. yaaaay! >^.^<

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I want the piggy piggy xD

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