micro kitties

Posted on: December 6, 2009

hindi ko na alam kung anong nangyayari saken. oh hyeah.

melaikick, hoodie, and micro kitties

ewan, hindi naman ako bored eh. in fact, i’m enjoying tons. i made some paper craft during the length of our cct training. ayan mga maliliit na muning. i made three, para i labs yuu. the white one reminds me of snowball, a stray cat which we adopted before. also made a black one and a yellow dotted one, which is my favorite. obvious?

nyahaha. parang elementary project lang. art was one of my favorite subjects back then… recess din siyempre! it’s been a while since i glued something. dami kong printed and colored paper noon. aba aba, laking national yata to! so eun, the vectors are from yuuki. if you want to make one, just email me and i’ll send you the pdf file. kekeke!

yun lang.

♥ melai


1 Response to "micro kitties"

hehehe… ganda nang gawa mo melai… pano gawin nyan.. teach me…

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