stamp of approval

Posted on: December 4, 2009

stamp of approval by melaikick

so i promised joolee that i’d make her typography art. hehehe… took me two weeks to figure out what to do with her name. kasi naman, she’s a woman of puzzling complexity. minsan masyadong malandi at pa-girl. minsan seryoso. minsan parang nanay… pero mas bata pa siya sa lahat.  i even started with a floral theme for her… nyahahaha. pero sabi ko parang hindi bagay. st0rong kasi tong si joolee eh.

eun halos maubos ang brain cells ko, until i remembered that we watched new moon two weeks ago… nagpreprepare ako ng requirements for work nun and we talked about the hierarchy of people at work. we ended up wondering how it would be if we were part of the big bosses. so ayun, naimagine ko si joolee… ikot ikot lang sa isang production floor at taga-approve lang ng kung ano anong papeles. bwehehe. it would really suit her. she can boss anyone anytime eh. so there, knowing joolee, hindi siya yung pipirma lang with a regular pen. de stamp pa yan. fanis. oh well, that’s how i think her stamp would look like. big and bold.

the font is called 28 days later, a grungy font. dunno why the maker called it that. hahaha. baka 28 days of dirtyness? thanks to misstaraleexo for the grunge brushes. oist joolee. kitams labs na labs kita. poweeerrrhuuuug! bwehehe!

yun lang.

♥ melai


4 Responses to "stamp of approval"

ako rin gawan mo ko .:p


miss ko na ang modchat mements natin!

hehe. sure poh! just tell me what words or sentences you like… mejo may wait list nga lang. hehehe. pero it will surely be posted. >^.^<

yey! perfect! i love that melai.. hihihi
amishooo.. powerhuugggg!

yey! **grins** amishu tuuuu. powerhuuuuug den!

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