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the year of the ox … the chinese character for ‘ox’ on my wrist, photo taken by miming (see his foot?) at the up fair… ngayong taon na to op kors!

ito ang pinakamagulo at pinakastressful na taon ng buhay ko… sobrang daming hadlang! nyahaha! so… anu ano ba ang nangyari? hehe gamers…

depression mode … this is the year i started living by myself. i was always the loner… pero grabe pala ang mabuhay ng mag-isaaaaa! no one cooks for you and you eat alone. huhuhu.  when i’m sick, there’s no one who’d take care of me… well, there are… just that they’re so far away. there are times na hindi ko kinakaya pero… kailangang maging resourceful. asows, internets! awabshu!

i also had my first kick party and my birthday kick… sa wakas nakalipat na din ako sa bahay ko. hahaha! celebrated my 24th birthday here too. natuto din akong maglinis ng bahay… hahaha, on a side note, try cleaning your house while you’re nekked! masaya siya, pwamis… just make sure you close the doors and windows. nga pala, ok na yung kanin ko. di na siya toasted. hehe. 

lost family … due to some circumstances … friends became strangers. sabi nga nung kanta… “we might find a place in this world someday but at least for now, [we] gotta go my own way…” gained new ones… this year, we went to cavity (cavite, gusto ko lang ganyan ang spelling. lolz.) and i met miming’s relatives… ang kukulit nila parang mga biik. miming also started a band… although ngayon floating. welcome to the family nowie! si nilo… hmmm, parang distant relative? hehehe. salamat sa paghatid saken kapag madaling araw koyah.

pneumonia blues … kung mabingo ka nga naman ng sakit o. my hospital bill reached 200++ k. and it made my lungs weaker. i’ve been off sola for two months now. oha!

bad deals … para saken kasi, hindi naman nasusukat ang pagkamayaman, (teka may word bang ganyan???) ng isang tao sa dami ng pera niya… pero, kailangan pa rin natin ng pera. naging business partner melai din pala ako for a part of the year. made some extra cash without even lifting so much as a finger. subaaalit! datapwat! ngunit! hahaha! some people ran off. wahahaha. lesson learned!

on the other hand… i won money at an e-casino … wahahaha. masama magsugal but since madam worked at an e-casino once (dun na siya sa real deal ngayon), we had to visit  (more like forced… hehehe). it wasn’t much pero i remember it kasi lady luck was with me that day…

my darling baby pc …  i bought a computer with my own money. not the strongest, not even close to mimings’ computer’s specs pero i bought something that i really wanted and bought it with money that i worked hard for …at dahil dito, i discovered adobe photshop and adobe illustrator … so meh bonggang bonggang art na dito sa melaikick.

monsters galore! … uu! subukan mo kaya makipaglaban sa isang class s na halimaw. eun… so dapat laging meh ninja bodyguards! so far so good at streeem for now, low level monsters appear from time to time pero keribels naman.

i still have my noobcakes… and we will rock 2010!

yun lang.

♥ melai


friendship isn’t about whom you have known the longest… it’s about who came and never left your side. wahehe. i’ve had good old friends waaay back nung elementary pa ako… but there’s this group of people whom i love and cherish because they make my life worth living… hehehe. eh sino pa? noobcakes koooh! at since boring ng magpost ng typo art na psd file lang at no entry na ko sa si-bee-gi… gumawa ako ng tee! eto o…

the n00bshirt by melaikick … i apologize for the low image resolution. la pa kong camera weh…

so eun nga, i made a shirt… lolz inulit ko lang… this is a testament to that friendship at least sa puso ko. hehe. the happiest moments my heart knows is with them. kaya naman labs na labs ko yang mga yan eh.

maxxie’s snaps of me… ahihi

so let me define what a n00bcake is… it is the person who has been there for you through everything, not just through the fun things, or the little things. a person whom you call when you are at your absolute worst, a person who saves you when you didn’t even notice that you needed saving, mostly it is the person who accepts you for who you are…

psd front

psd back

hehehe. the font is called action jackson. played with some leet speak here.  i do play games… but i play the girly ones like poupeegirl, bunni, petsoc, and plants vs. zombies… i still play cabal but only when i’m mad. hmmmm, naglaro ako ng ikariam for a bit, then i got sick when i opened it again, deadz na lahat ng tauhan ko. hahaha… saka i sort of like dota, erm… watching my friends play dota! but they get annoyed when i ask stuff like… “baket blue yung kalaban?” lolz. anyway, if you’re looking for blood, swordfighting… boobs… hahaha. those boy games… i recommend you go to where you’ll meet our resident gamer dude.

peace out!

so to my noobcakes, kung gusto nyo nito… it’s free and customizable of course…also available in black. >^.^< you know wut to do…

yun lang.

♥ melai


i’ll be putting up my own online shop for custom shirts soon… prolly around mid-january. i’m still kind of tweaking the flash in it and i’m still waiting for some hi-res pics and models, huhuhu. the teasers will be up by january 1 though… ahihi.

yun lang ulet.

♥ melai


>>si karlo padawan naunang sumagot nung sarbey ko… ahihi. thanks karlo! hetong note nya:

master melai mwah! hamishooo!! 😦 di man lang ako nakapaalam sayo, ang bilis ng mga pangyayari tapos di pa tayo magka-shift.. but you look happy, so i’m happy for you 🙂 di ko lam yung size ng shirt eh gusto ko fit, so baka small pero nilagay ko medium haha! so sige small nalang. ayan iniba ko na :)) KITAKITS DALI!!!

>>answer from chama!

Melai-bear! I miss you 🙂 Hindi ako sure sa size pero Small na lang baka kasi maging mid riff yung shirt pag XS haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year at Happy Fiesta na rin! Mwah! ♥

>>from nowie… naks! aawwwwww!

i love the shirt melai… surprise me with your ideas pa

>>from my cutee padatoo may-anne

gawin mong cute 😀 amishu na… stay happy… see you soon… muwahugggzz

>>awwwww. jamie you’re so nice! nu ka ba… walang bayad to. miao miao is part of the family!

c Joca kukuha ko rin? hehehe.
Pay ku na lang. Basta mas malaki size nya kesa
ke Gaki. Ilagay mu sa likod ng shirt nya
♥Bujoca labs Bujamie♥
tas black shirt kmi pareho;)mwahugstyT!btw, ur a real genius with those shirts:)
Ill be waiting for more updates on ur new biz;)
I mishue so mats! huhu.. Merry Christams and I wish you the grandest New Year:)

santa baby! photo from flickr. aww… isn’t he adorable? gusto ko ng ganitong miming… nyahahar. it’s a happy christmas! …so sing with me! i vodpodded santa baby for ya! magkantahan tayo dito sa melaikick.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

love ko toh! santa baby by taylor swift here we go…

santa baby… slip a sable under the tree for me…
i’ve been an awful good girl!
santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

santa baby… a ’54 convertible too, light blue…
well, i’ll wait up for you..
dear santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

think of all the fun i’ve missed…
think of all the boys i haven’t kissed
next year i coul be just as good if you check off my christmas list!

santa baby, i want a yacht and really… that’s not a lot!
i’ve been an angel all year…
dear santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

santa honey, there’s one more thing i really do need…
the deed to a platinum mine…
santa honey, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

come and trim my christmas tree
with some decorations bought at tiffany’s…
i really do believe in you…
let’s see if you believe in me!

santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing…
a ring… and i don’t mean on the phone…
dear santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

happy happy christmas everyone… lalo na sa n00bcakes koh!

yun lang.

♥ melai

8:35 PM 12/25/2009

i spent part of the afternoon and evening with my family… the real one! i love them so much… >^.^< i’m hoping for a fantasssmic new year for all of us!

yun lang… ulet.

♥ melai

the sweetest paper bag

hehe. oo na… i like cute things plus i’m still preparing the canvas for my next typography art… eun, gumawa ako ng maliit na paper bag… na pink at may blush-on! nyahahaha! anyway, don’t worry… i’m doing this just for the heck of it. di pa naman ako mag-gagantsilyo!

also made  a small cake box with strawberry design… fits nicely inside the paper bag. nga pala, i made this with cardboard paper, pretty maped scissors, clear tape, expensive (ehem ehem…) hp ink, vectors from… and lots of love! gave this as a birthday gift to one of my friends… (placed a bracelet inside)

if you want to make one, just email me… and i’ll send you the pdf file. kekeke?


yun lang.

♥ melai

cct = call center tayo… hehehe.

hp kv6 peeps during cct

got some coffee? di katulad ng cct sa si-bee-gi, cct at streeem was actually rigorous. it’s already like pst! we did one of those effin role plays… try saying “13 shot venti soy hazelnut vanilla cinnamon white mocha with extra white mocha and caramel…” without stopping. i did! wahahaha. enjoyed it anyway.

“people only…” nyahaha. kapag nagkakamali si alain, the big boss cct trainer… yan sinasabi nya. everyone picked it up after a few days. hehe. and then, at the end of the day he says “english expiring already…” hihi.

i thought i was going to miss si-bee-gi that much… turns out streeem is an extension of si-bee-gi… the hr people are nice except for one scary lady… but the atm card is all wrong… it’s from one of the banks that deduct php 10 when you withdraw from another bank… i miss you, bdo! what else? we have our own headsets and lockers… the facilities are good… the pantry looks like a cozy resto, the floor is so big too we have our own stations and though the loo is too far from the floor, its friggin faucets have infrared! hehehe… wanna work for streeem? email me!

pst = petix saya talaga! lolz!

pst was great! and these are what we learned or did:

1. hint hint. nudge nudge… lam nyo na yan.

2. never ever ever eveeeerr neeeeverrr! said when reiterating prohibitions.

3. singing nobody just to annoy the other class… i want your body, your body not you! lalalalalaaaa!

4. leo’s [the big boss pst trainer] fast ball… he throws mentos and chocolate candy at us… like some sort of little rewards. but one time he hit the sony bravia at the back of the training room. i thought it was going to break!

5. foods… gaaah! one of the perks of working in a mall… great foods! nom nom nom nom nom! pizza, pasta, humongous sandwiches, chickeeeen! daily ice cream… you name it. urban chef? what’s that?! nyaaaahaha! plus… they were surprised i could finish off 1.5 liters of iced tea.

max is trying to turn me into an eating machine…

6. kv6 is friggin oinkable… the little pervs. bweeeh! ex. when leo says “get your tools up…”, know wut i mean? most of the jokes leo cracks were rated xxx! and they enjoyed every bit of it. one of my favorites was… “ho ho ho, i’m santa! wanna sit on my lap?” wahahahaha!

7. but they’re all awesome… for some reason, they treat me like a kid, when i’m older than most of them. but they’re all sweet… to me at the least. i’ve been called sunshine, sugar, sweetheart, honey, dear… by the hr guys, manong and ate guards, even the uncle tms.

with daddy leo! leo’s angels? hehehe.

graduation! sa wakas! after weeks of petix… er, hardwork. [ubo ubo!] baket? information overload saka the exams were difficult… not because it was difficult to answer but they kept timing out! but i learned how to fix my pavilion anyway… wahehehe.

got a bear from ahrie and roy’s a perv… hehehe!

nom nom nom… inom! this has already been a photofest but if you want to check out the other pics… go here.

we celebrated at a local bar? shop? whatever… somewhere in kamuning. i drank one bottle of beer… i swear, n00bs! dun want to pass out! shared one plate filled with rice, chicken, and lumpiang shanghai with ahrie, harold, and mona… ang kalat! eh wala gutom kami!

saka… kumanta din ako, although out of tune… my ever favorite “this guy’s in love with you, pare” and “nobody”. i was exceptionally happy when leo said “this one’s for you, maria!” hehe. he sang a song for me, so nice. >^.^< he calls me maria instead of melai. hahaha. lei would do but he stuck with maria. dunno why…

i got a really nice brown honey bear from ahrie. thank you! its name is michael! (pano ba yan, miming?) right now, it in my console… hugging my cookie jar. ahihi.

ngayon… everyone ready for auto in? evil melai laugh!

yun lang.

♥ melai

i have two half-filipino, half-japanese friends. gaki, who happens to be my bestfriend… and marico, a new found friend at streeeeem (ganyan ko nalang ispell, para walang problems chervams, just like si-bee-gi. kekeke?) so when i saw a tutorial for the popteen text, i decided to make some fake covers. nga  pala, popteen is like the seventeen magazine of japan. it’s one of the popular ones.

hehe. mejo simple nga lang tong mga covers ko compared to the originals but hey… marico and gaki are practically dreamboats, they make up for anything lacking. grabe! ganito ko kayo kamahal??? salamat nga pala, ninakaw ko yung pictures nyo from facebook and friendster. bweeeh! nyahaha!

also, i have lots of photoshop brushes already and i’ve already run ccleaner. to the great brushmakers, if you see your brush here, just pm me and i will put a link for you. thank you! o heto na… wag nyo seryosohin yung hiragana or katakana… pinaghirapan ko yan but i can’t read japanese. lolz! please enjoy!

mariko-chaaan~! so japa-nice!

i changed the ‘c’ to a ‘k’… for a more japanese look. since she likes pink so much, eh di ayan pink cover! a friend calls her piglet, kaya there’s “piglet” on the cover… yun lang poh ang reason. ke? she’s a really sweet girl, mahilig magpicture picture, at matakaw! hehe. pis tayuuuuu! she was born december kaya naman december issue yan. anyways, i’ve only known her for three weeks, i’m hoping she’d be part of noobcakes. ahihi.

gakikun~! i have the powar!

miming is starting to be my muse. haha. my muse is a boy! i took this picture nung isang taon, i guess. oh well, if you visit his bee-log, malalaman nyo na mukha siyang gadgets… darling baby pc and all. teeeka… psp ko? hehehe. ok lang saken, keep it for now. he plays bass too. kaya yan nasa cover nya yan. he gets the september issue since he was born that month. and it has to be blue. i tried yellow… a color he favors, observation ko lang… but it looked gay!

melai-chaaan~! neko desu!

ay sos… ako! siyempre blog ko to! mine’s the july issue, eh advanced happy birthday to me! lalalala~! yellow nalang saken. yung parang sa bioman, yellow four! di ako hapon, nakisali lang ako… hahaha. but since popteen is read in taiwan and i’m partly chinese… pwede na rin. weh, talagang pinilit. no need for other details, halos nandito na buhay ko sa melaikick. i hope you enjoyed my art…

yun lang. suteki da ne?

♥ melai

baket ba? i found these trays with joolee…  i bought something again for my kitchen. lolz! pero this time, super mura lang niya… less than a hundred pesos! hahaha. mejo mas sira pa ako noon eh, i had some egg molders shipped from the states. just because… nyahaha.

so eun nga, bumili ako ng ice trays. cheap cute ones. i thought they’d make great ice pops. here they are…

kawaii stars

hehe. so cute noh? gawa sila sa minute maid… yung mango and orange combo! they turned out well.


ice tray nga ng pag-ibig eh. the shape is bit fat kaya di masyadong kita yung pagka-heart nila. made up of coca cola. loooove~!

water babies

mga dolphin. tubig lang sila kaya di masyadong kita. pero… cute pa den! sobrang liit nila, mukhang sardinas! nyahahaha!

well, there you go. kung gusto mo ng yelo na kakaiba ang shape or malakas lang ang trip mo or saltik mo lang talaga ang cute… these ice trays are available at a store called clipper. there’s one in trinoma. >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.