my darling baby printer

Posted on: November 14, 2009

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

i bought a new printer today. hehe… i need it eh, in preparation… a pre-lude to some asskicking! please meet my darling baby printer!

my darling baby printer >^.^<

with the paper tray open and it has an extension too!

he’s a sweet hp deskjet  d2660. the specs are here. it’s simple, sleek and jet black… matches my hp pavillion. also, quality wise… it’s perfect for printing normal everyday black and white stuff… like resumes perhaps. wahahahaha. kung colored prints naman, ok din siya. i just printed a nice vector image.

it’s st0rong! prints really fast… i had an officejet back then, which costs 70 percent more than this deskjet… but darling baby printer prints just like the office jet… it’s eco-friendly too, made from fifty percent recycled material, and comes in a box made from 100 percent recycled stuff. oha oha!

i’ll get a photosmart, the compact one… kapag may cameras na ko. all my computer stuff are from hewlett packard ever since i was in high school… except for one sony laptop which was running on windows millennium anyway. so that does not count. hehe, kind sirs from hp, please sponsor my work? hihi.


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