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the butterfly effect by melaikick

inspiration… nope… not quantum mechanics, not chance or destiny either… and no i’m not into metamorphosis stuff. si melaikick pa din ako… just more girly, hahaha. have you ever seen a butterfly on water? when it lands it causes these nice ripples on the water and to me …it’s kind of beautiful…

meron kasi kaming malaking dram ng tubig dati sa bahay namin, you know, the metal ones that are used to catch rain water… and we have this garden with lots of lilies and a humongous imelda rose bush so madaming visitor na butterflies. ewan ko… i just sort of remembered it. kaya ayan! thanks to sudds for the brushes! instead of using a color palette, why not use rainbow colors… o baka nasobrahan lang ako ng pag-stay dito sa bahay ko? rainbow colors kasi yung walls ko. baket ba… saka swerte naman ang polka dots…

i do hope you enjoyed my art. i guess the yellow butterfly’s most noticeable… hope you can see the other ones!

yun lang.

♥ melai


mr. bear… with me sir, kain lang me… este pull up your records pala…

i passed my resignation today… and whatever decision is made… i still go and that’s final. tagal din pala, it’s been three years and seven months… since, i have almost no family, si-bee-gi na ang naging pamilya ko. minsan nagtataka sila kung bakit gustong gusto kong magtrabaho sa araw ng pasko at bagong taon… bukod kasi sa double pay eh i’ll be with the people whom i love.

nagsimula ako sa dy unit (team mickey) and met my kuyas and ates, mga mami at dadi… and they treated me like their own kid. then i moved on to mitosis (team eg flores). oh yeah, talk about cool. really cool people. bunch of retards…  relaks lang, endearment yan. nyahaha. and then, team warm (team joshie)… these people never failed to defend me kahit noong una hindi ko sila gusto… sila pa ang lumapit sakin.

until finally and unfortunately, after the reshuffling, i got attacked by a monster. a monster with a horrible fashion sense. wahahaha. i’m sorry i’m sorry! i just can’t friggin help it! wahahahahaa. don’t scold me on this one, miming… more more wahahahahaha.

ok… so moving on, the point of this post was to say goodbye to all the people i loved and still do at convergys qc… i hope you won’t forget me and all the happy memories we’ve shared. tulad ng hindi ko mabuksan yung pintuan sa third floor, kasi mabigat… napagkamalang visitor, mga team meeting na pagkain ang pinag-uusapan, mga team lunch tapos hayblad si mod, mga sweet short petix mode, lolz., mga sandaling down ang avaya, priceless! mga powerhugs and moments when i see your smiles…

hehehe, kuya miel… ikaw nalang naiwan sa waive 6.4.2! sayang noh… oh well, wala ng mangungulit sayong bata! tsk… escalations, this is tier 2 mieLai! nay butets, we just sort of drifted apart… pero ikaw pa rin ang nanay butets ko. scot, ako pa rin ang bunso kahit anong gawin mo. pampkin, pataba tayo ha? hahaha. dadi judd, ate tere, kuya vic… tl eg and the rest of the posse, stay cool! tl joshie… kaw lang tatay ko jan (dadi kasi yung iba), salamat sa lahat ng advice… pera pera pera madaming pera (to the tune of sorry sorry) joolee, mami ana… new moon? wahahahaha. wag kayong mag-alala, marunong na akong magpony tail. troy, ang dakila kong ex (inside joke, not really my ex)! magshopping tayo minsan, ha?

to my noobcakes family… i always had this fear of losing you guys… pero wala na ngayon kasi, in my heart, i know i never will… at hindi rin magbabago ang pagmamahal ko sa inyo. (jamie sfx: eeeeeeeee)

so… as cheesy as it is… iwanan ko kayo ng kanta. it’s the goodbye song…

hey, this was really fun… we hoped you liked it too
seems like we’ve just begun… when suddenly we’re through
goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
’cause now it’s time to go
but hey, i say, well… that’s okay
’cause we’ll see you very soon, i know… very soon, i know…
goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye
and tomorrow, just like today…
the moon, the bear, and the big blue house
we’ll be waiting for you to come and play…

yes, hello mod… this is melai… VGH? hahaha. this is melai signing off…

yun lang. i love you all.

♥ melai

for miming

what’s with me and umbrellas? hahaha. inspiration came when my iTunes started blasting kimi to iu hana, a song by asian kung fu generation, for the nth time and then i heard it… again. “shiro i iki ga kireru made…” ayun, somehow the linguist in me became bffs with my typographer side… gaki is miming’s other name, and there’s the article ga plus the word ‘kireru’ which means violent reaction. well, di naman siya violent pero sobrang energetic… so pwede na rin. nyahaha.

the font is called bleeding cowboys. it has some pretty swirls in it but i had to remove the bleeds. i also had lots of fun with the film grain effect… wan to sawa! hahaha!  the brushes are from mouritsada. thank you po, sir! at dahil import si miming from japan at masyadong girly ang cherry blossoms… absolutely no geishas, ok? lolz.  japanese umbrellas or wagasa seemed perfect. it’s strong and beautiful and practical… just like miming. oha oha!

yun lang.

♥ melai

“now that it’s raining more than ever, know that we’ll still have each other… you can stand under my umbrella”

lagi nalang nasisira ang mga payong ko. nyahahaha. lagi nalang ako nakakarinig ng sermon na wag lang bumili ng cute… bumili din ng kwali-teee… hetong history ng payong ko…

1. yellow umbrella from bayo … overused;  2. red striped fibrella … destroyed by miming when he tried to pick padatoo up from si-bee-gi; 3. houndstooth from bench … destroyed when somebody sat on my bag; 4. another houndstooth from bench only this one is of a lighter color … destroyed by some typhoon. now all these four umbrellas were what i would call “cute” so i decided to buy an ugly one. hahaha. 5. super duper plain black fibrella … destroyed by that killer typhoon, ayaw ko nalang i mention yung name niya, it brings bad memories…

so well, miming’s umbrella was holding quite well. i decided to try it out. found similar ones… they’re called bantam umbrellas. di ko alam kung bakit mo ipapangalan sa isang manok ang isang brand ng payong pero yun ang tawag eh. on the tag, you’ll find a short description of the umbrella… “sporting a wind and water resistant canopy bantam is engineered to fold conveniently to a compact length so you can tuck it away easily when not in use. this umbrella protects your skin from the sun’s harmful uv rays.” hahaha, humanda ka, mr. sun!

i bought a printed one ala burberry (see pic above), para malandi ng konti, hehehe. ok naman siya… passed two storms already and it’s sturdy enough that it does not matter if i accidentally sit on my bag. it’s automatic too… and costs… well, let’s just say, for an umbrella like that, it’s worth it. payong yan ng kalawakan! bazoom bazoom!

it’s nice to find happiness in small, everyday things… tulad ng payong! did i mention these umbrellas were named after a chicken? hahaha. o yeah, i did.

yun lang.

♥ melai

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

i bought a new printer today. hehe… i need it eh, in preparation… a pre-lude to some asskicking! please meet my darling baby printer!

my darling baby printer >^.^<

with the paper tray open and it has an extension too!

he’s a sweet hp deskjet  d2660. the specs are here. it’s simple, sleek and jet black… matches my hp pavillion. also, quality wise… it’s perfect for printing normal everyday black and white stuff… like resumes perhaps. wahahahaha. kung colored prints naman, ok din siya. i just printed a nice vector image.

it’s st0rong! prints really fast… i had an officejet back then, which costs 70 percent more than this deskjet… but darling baby printer prints just like the office jet… it’s eco-friendly too, made from fifty percent recycled material, and comes in a box made from 100 percent recycled stuff. oha oha!

i’ll get a photosmart, the compact one… kapag may cameras na ko. all my computer stuff are from hewlett packard ever since i was in high school… except for one sony laptop which was running on windows millennium anyway. so that does not count. hehe, kind sirs from hp, please sponsor my work? hihi.

sa buhay ko, ang daming monster at kalaban. i faced a class s halimaw today. (although when i post this, it would probably be a different day…) and worse meron pa siyang mga alalay na class a. huhuhu. i was badly hurt. degree of damage, you ask? damage to the extremes, i barely made it alive and i’m actually bleeding to death… irl, this translates to, i cried the whole day and i’m still crying as of the moment… it’s got something to do with losing my family, (we can say that it’s a possible consequence of that halimaw attack…) the real one, not those blood relatives. i shudder at the thought.

i have a life outside of my noobcakes but my life mainly focuses around them now and my love for them will always be. siguro, naiisip nyo… nako, heto nanaman si melai. but i can’t help it. hay, tama na nga itong emo shert na to. my eyes hurt so much, my nose is too stuffy, and my heart is in a great deal of pain already. ang kulit mo melai!

pero… sabi nga ang bida, nagpapabugbog muna. hindi pwedeng mamatay, tama? wahaha. (i’m crying and laughing at the same time, amf.) so, anong panglaban sa halimaw? sa ghost fighter, super powers eh. nah, i don’t have those. ano meron ako? heto o…

shinobi no mirae by melaikick

hahaha. meron akong mga ninja bodyguards! this is my first graphic art, inspired by a real life ninja? nyahaha… wag daw akong sumuko. shinobi no mirae. ano kamo?! shinobi is actually a synonym of the word ‘ninja’ at mas ginagamit nila yan sa japan. di daw kasi kaya ipronounce masyado ng mga foreigner kaya mas sikat ang salitang ninja sa ibang bansa. mi rae (mi rey) on the other hand is my korean name. coincidentally, there is a japanese word, ‘mirai’ (mi ra ee). both words mean “future” but i’d like to retain the letter e since these are my ninja.

i’ve named them too! hehehe. ito ang nagagawa ng kalungkutan… from left we have, kancho (spy); koran (agitator) ; teisatsu (scout); and kisho (surprise attacker). oha oha. and all of them are jonin or the highest rank ha. i also added some akatsuki clouds. obvious, nagbabasa ako ng naruto. ahihi.

next time that horrible monster attacks, i’ll be more prepared. mejo low level pa ang buff, resu, at heal ko pero fight-o!

yun lang.

♥ melai


the tears have stopped… for now…

dahil lahat ay bisi, dahil ulit ulit nalang ang lahat, dahil sugat na sugat na ang puso ko… eh di maghanap ng distraction! sabi nga naman ng boss ko noon, “kehsa naman drugs!” nyahaha. so ano kaya? cooking … not really my cup of tea. photography? nah. i’m not the resident photographer, though i’m saving for a nice entry level canon. music? not in the mood as of the moment. then i happened to click on a deviantart link about photoshop. i thought, why not? i explored my options… eh di ayan!

i’ve been studying typography art for two weeks now… with adobe photoshop cs3 and illustrator as gears. well, habang naglalaro ng plants vs. flowers at pet society. nyaha. i hope you guys enjoy my very first typography art. here it is…

noobcakes by melaikick

i’m sorry about the multiply logo… that’s where i’m keeping my pictures and resources for now because upload there is faaaast. i’ll be moving to flickr as soon as i change my isp. other than that minor glitch, this is inspired by none other than my noobcakes family… at di ako nagsasawang ulit ulitin na i love them more than my blood relatives… hey, if anyone of you sees this, i hope you like it… i dedicate this to you guys! parang kanta lang sa radyo, wahahaha. bwiset. mahal ko kayo!

the font is called ayosmonika. it has a nice touch to it, di ba? ahaha. ayos! i really had fun while doing this so i’ll be doing more of these of course, saka i’d appreciate suggestions and comments from people who have a good reign of photoshop and illustrator already. thank you. >^.^<

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.