the cvg eco bag

Posted on: October 29, 2009

i hope i don’t get in trouble… boss, blogger lang po. hahaha. we receive lots (ubo ubo) of stuff from work, from food and tumblers to gift cheques and cash… but this is the first time i received something i really like… behold, the convergys eco bag!

it was given as a loot bag during halloween. my boss put lots of chocolee. wahaha. tenks boss!

reduce. re-use. recycle. nga naman mga inday!

it’s nice to work for a company that’s concerned about the environment. so… yeah. help save the world from an attack of the giant plastic monster bag. hahaha. an eco bag has many other uses but currently i’ve been using it for…

… lalagyan ng laundry. hahaha. it’s a big canvass bag eh, and it can carry around three kilos of clothes. and the guard at our condo won’t think i’m carrying a dead body. i used to put my laundry inside black trash bags. hahaha. baket ba?

… pamalengke? hehe. no more flimsy single user plastic bags… good for waste reduction. good for the tindera, who saves cash. lolz.

… promotion… nyaha! oh yeah, eco bag advertising! tote it around the mall… but bring a lot of referral forms. $$$ caching! caching! if you want to work for cvg, you know where you can contact me… hem hem!

yun lang.

♥ melai


6 Responses to "the cvg eco bag"

ang cute!!! gusto ko nito!!!

ahihi… sana ganito lagi mga freebies ate. >^.^<

onga e.. enge naman ako T.T

do you want it ate? i’ll give it to you, if you like… dami akong eco bag. >^.^<

OO at isa pang OO!!

(Bale dalawang bag yun)

Kelan tayo magkikita? Hihi>:D

ahahaha. isa lang siya eh. day off ko ng mon tue est. kaw po bahala. text mo lang ako teh. >^.^<

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