plants vs. zombies … me want brain!

Posted on: October 28, 2009

a few days back, just out of the blue, i was asked by miming (parang lahat ata ng post ko meh special mention ka?) to download some weird sounding monster game, plants vs. zombies… saying that it was ‘cute’. hehehe, it was… i’m so hooked into this that i’d rather play and pig out in from of the computer than go to the mall. the last time i did this was when i downloaded luxor. nyahaha. yehes, magpaalam ka na sa social life mo, melai!

ok nga, it’s just in time for halloween, (happy halloween guys >^.^<) when there’s nothing on tv but gory shows. wahaha. can’t wait to see the gory details of my meralco bill though. my computer’s been on for the longest time…

hehehe… low level pa ko when i took this screenshot *blush blush*

alam nyo naman, we don’t do details here at melaikick. but i have a good guide here. so, konting konting details lang… it’s a game of defense. protektahan mo ang bahay mo laban sa kampon ng kasamaan sa pamamagitan ng pagtatanim. wah-chaaa! ay teka, evil din pala ako. nyahaha.

i hate cooking but i’m a good gardener, irl-wise (is there such a word?) hehe, sorry naman… the plants, the things you use to protect your house, just reminded me of the small garden i used to tend to waaaaay back. would have loved to have a real manyak eating plant or a bad customer eating plant… nyahahaha.

a sun shroom, one of the plants… hehe cute cute…

there are nice plants in this game, zombie eating plants, pea pod shooters, water lilies for floating purposes, cherry bombs (fireworks irl-fyi-lolz), tapos sunlight from the sunflowers. honga naman!

pero my favorite is the walnut… bakit? lam mo na… ang cute! mataba saka bilog ang mata… looks like a constipated nut. but it gets eaten in a horrible way, naawa ako sa kanya kapag kinakain na siya ng zombie.

on the other hand, the zombies… are totally funny. naisip ko nung una, regular zombies lang but most of them are ridiculous! there’s a newspaper zombie, a screendoor zombie, small zombies… hahaha, you name it. my favorite? even though it’s a low level zombie, nothing beats the michael jackson zombie… it even has back up zombie dancers! yeah, i know, right? bwahahahaha.

the michael jackson zombie, in focus!

there’s also a cool music video… starring the plants and zombies! ahihi, so nice! the song was written by pretty laura shigihara. here oh…

kind sirs at popcap (the makers of this cool game), how about a trellis of tomatoes … fighting ninja tomatoes? nyahaha! plants vs. zombies is readily available at *wink wink*

yun lang. me want brain…

♥ melai


2 Responses to "plants vs. zombies … me want brain!"

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