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miming knows how to rock!

the first time i saw miming, he was bobbing his head on a post at the att floor… sobrang high energy, malayo palang alam mo na kung nasaan siya. tinawag ko siyang miming kasi singkit tapos kinikuskos nya yung ulo niya sa mga tao. hahaha. ang cute! anyway, it’s his 23rd birthday today! happy birthday miming! at dahil hapon ka, otanjoubi omedeto!

it’s been more than a year at madami siyang level up … meaning dami siyang new toys! most special of which i guess is his darling baby bassey, eun sobrang galing na niya tumugtog… hahaha… ayan kaya ganyan ang pic ngayon. the picture was taken from

he’s been a great friend, a good listener, trustworthy (honesty is one value, i learned from him… teka honest naman ako hahaha pero, sa kanya ko nakita kung gaano ka-importante yun), and as he tries to understand others (pansin nyo to joolee, kuya gabs, and jaja diba?), the more he becomes compassionate.

so always be a good cat ha. wag kalimutang matulog! hurr! kahit imortal ka pa, kailangan mo ng pahinga at kumain din ng madami, wag lang noodles, aysauce! hahaha. at siyempre, laging maliligo ha. >^.^<

you’ll always be my miming. no frontin’ dun even!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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currently rebuilding my blog... because multiply is gone forever and most of the pixxors are still linked there. fight-o!

i've coded and recoded and recoded again... but everything looks like a mess with internet explorer. grrrrr. oh guys, let's just use firefox. lollerz. ^.^Y

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1. i can't understand some of the words or sentences...
...this blog is written in what we filipinos call taglish. a combination of filipino (tagalog) and english. my language teachers back in college and high school would hate me. nyahaha. there are times when i rant in korean (hangugo) too...

2. you don't look filipino...
...ehm?! no i am not egyptian or arabian. grabe naman!...

3. you focus a lot on noobcakes. what are they?
...they are actually people. my bestfriends. they are what makes life, with all the hurdles and strains, easier and happy. i'm sure you have your own "noobcakes"too...

4. what's a miming?
...hahaha! it's a code name actually for one of my noobcakes. it means 'cat' or 'kitty'...
4.1 kung meh rabbit at miming, ano ka? di pet owner! lolz...

5. what's "yun lang..."? means "that's all..." in filipino...

6. cindermelai?'s cinderella plus melai. i kind of have a penchant for shoes tapos i feel like her when doing house chores. lol...

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