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my family has been feuding since i was a kid… hehe no need to elaborate on the broken slash fighting family stuff … meron pa din naman kakampi! hahaha. there will always be exceptions… like my ates. they used to suffer but now they’re in dubai with all the cute boys… awright!

sweet smiles

my ates… they’re the eldest pair of cousins i have. si ate bing na ang tunay na pangalan ay sharon. at si ate dong na ang tunay na pangalan ay madonna. oha, mga artista! i remember when we were in gradeschool, my ates were in college i guess, when balik-bayan boxes were opened, the old folks used to call our names out for pasalubong. and sisters had to share of course, i remember hearing a melodious jingle of “dong-bing… dong-bing… dong-bing…” hahaha.

all the pretty ladies (in our sad family at least)

we met a day before they had to go back for dubai. their dad, our uncle cesar, had died so they had to come home… nagwindowshopping kami for a bit. ate dong, who has a penchant for winnie the pooh, went around looking for shirts, she found a nice pink one with piglet in the middle. then quipped “pero bawal ang baboy sa dubai!” hahaha. they also had taken a liking for havaianas… (ehe me too!) and told me it’s was also expensive there.

we talked some more about girl stuff (boys… etc.) and of course, the inevitable… the miseries and unfairness of things going around in our family… it was sad and they all cried, even my little sister. the thing is, i didn’t… i felt sad, yes… but i guess my tears have been all been spent. ates…if ever you’ll read this post… someday, there’ll be a time that justice will be served for us. and when that time comes, we’ll be sending in a picture of the four of us sporting smiles, probably an insolent smile from me… and dining in the burj al arab (ehem ehem, oh yes, the luxury hotel with the billowing sail) insert evil melai laugh here.

yun lang.

♥ melai


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