Posted on: June 29, 2009

i watched transformers: revenge of the fallen yesterday… and yes, imma spare you from another movie review. it was an awesome movie… robot deathmatches and all… minimal blood too. tapos minsan sumasayaw pa yung mga robot. hahaha. heto epekto ng movie…

mapapaisip ka… pano kung girlfriend mo eh isang robot bitch? five meter tongue… wooh! “babe, sorry na… don’t kill me!” tapos while cuddling… ask mo “who loves you?”, ang isasagot nya… “megatron!” lolz.

you fit your name with robot name… decepticon or autobot, whatever your preference is. ibang klase ang utak mag-isip, examples lang… yehes, my robot friends… lizelus prime, gakitron, melaibot (ako yan!), parisus prime, may-annator, megacha, janinatron, gabbinator, jooliecon… dati i was part of team dy, and we were called the dycepticons, our leader was levitron and his girlfriend pepperbot. hahaha.

ang cute nung mga chevrolet. they can transform into an ice cream truck. robots plus ice cream. cuuuteee. they’re silly too. i like the red one, kahit kinain siya nung constructicons, nakalabas pa din! stOrong. yan need ko ngayon eh…

you look forward to watching another transformers movie with your loved ones again… take note, yung talagang super love mo… na ipagtatanggol mo in full robot battle gear… plus laser sword! ay teka iba na yata yun? hahaha! now that’s what you call megalove!

yun lang.

♥ melai


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