mr. miming

Posted on: June 22, 2009

saltik ko daw ang cute. hehehe. this is what’s eating my time… pet society! kasalanan to nung nag-imbayb saken sa facebook. mukhang tataas ang bill ko sa kuryente. i won’t go into details on how it’s played (but you can click on the link above). kasi naman, mafia wars tests my patience… but anyways, please meet my pet, mr. miming.

mr. miming in the house yo!

ang cute nya noh! lolz. mejo low level pa siya, celebrity pet palang, that’s around level 18, eh ang dami daming levels… pero kaya namin to! araw araw naman siya naliligo eh… hahaha. lapitin din naman siya ng chix.

ang pusa kong babaero…

chillin with max, ate mimi’s pet

oha oha! sana pasyalan nyo si mr. miming… … more pix here …playfish people, sirs, can we have more pets? not just one? haha. i super love this.

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "mr. miming"

Facebook Playfish Pet Society bots and cheats are Released !

Download it on

hehehe. hey guys, i don’t cheat on pet society but it’s really up to you! kekeke!

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