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ang bida kailangan ding mag-recharge…

once upon a time 12:00 na naman… cindermelai ikaw ba yan? it still raining and the world, no matter how much i “kick and give the finger” is unceasingly giving me slaps. i know that there are people who have far worse problems… but no matter what i do, no matter what solution i come up with, why do i still fail? if i cry, no one sees my tears… if i scream, no one hears me. empty… it’s just empty.

my heart is just hurting… but don’t think i will give up. ang bida pabugbog muna… pero teka, mejo bugbog na pala ko. yung mga kalaban, parang ayaw maubos. kailangan ko ng pots at mana. hahaha. ano ba to, para akong ok na hindi. haizz, kaya mo yan, cindermelai! to you, asan na yuu? power hug naman jan.

yun lang. back to sleep. ubusin ko nalang kalaban mimiya.

♥ melai

prelims muna… my darling baby “insert whatever it is that you value so much that you would call it ‘darling baby’ here” was coined by miming not me.

i recently bought a p6040d hewlett packard pavillion… see specs here. not your fastest, strongest computer. sabi ko naman miming, wala kong balak tapatan darling baby pc mo (which is one heck of a hoobah). i bought it simply because i needed a computer at hindi ko idedeny, ang cute kasi eh… no sermons please… aesthetics was one of my favorite subjects during college at hindi ko kayang pangit ang monitor, wahaha! kunek naman eh kahit papano.

20” cutie, walang kokontra!

ok naman siya… sa ngayon. hehehe. i didn’t even need to buy speakers, meh tinatago ka pala ha baby.  di ko pa siya masyadong naeexplore, inuna ko internets eh. download nako ng firefox; saka itunes, hated windows media player, ever since; ym, para makipaglandian; e bakit ko ba kinukwento ito, la naman kayong pake sa downloads ko? lolz. pero pero, ok talaga ang picasa 3, gaaganda pics nyo, tapos last nalang, yung free music zilla, galing! di ako makatulog kakadl ng kanta.

took me two hours to setup the computer table. hahaha. ang hirap pala mag-ikot ikot ng mga turnilyo. but i did it anyways! so, ano naman darling baby pc? pinaghirapan kita, baby. proud ako sa yo ha, kahit ayaw sayo ni uncle, hehehe. oo naman, i bought it with my hard-earned money! (in fairness to me, bwehehe) i bought a flashdrive and bluetooth already, wag na webcam (super landi?)… printer pa at saka mini hp. waits ka lang baby.

hep, more pics!

getting dsl… i went to globelines sm north on the 19th to apply for dsl… at nakilala ko ang pinakaweird na trainee… i forgot his name but i cannot forget the service he delivered. hahaha. he called on customer number 5062 who was me, of course. and siyempre “how can i can help?” naman siya.

una, he checked if my address was available for dsl. ang sungit sungit nya magtanong. nung malaman nya na available nga, he slapped a piece of paper on the table and with an evil smile, he told me that those were a list of the requirements, inferring that i get them first. bwehehe, baket naman ako pupunta sa globelines ng walang dalang requirements? one by one, i removed my documents from my trusty pork chop envelope (naks, since college… tibay!) and i enjoyed the look on his exasperated face. parang ayaw nya iprocess yung request ko eh. hahaha.

he made me wait for a looong time and finally…

globelines trainee > ma’am ok na po.
melaikick > walang babayaran ngayon kuya?
globelines trainee > wala ma’am, sa first billing na po saka pri installation yan
melaikick > pre-installation? (kompyus suubra)
globelines trainee > opo ma’am, pri po.
melaikick > 0_0 aaah, free! (at this point i wasn’t able to suppress a giggle. lolz)

yun lang.

♥ melai

you might not understand… this is some kind of a future that i wanted, this is just me hoping against hope…  i’m at the edge right now, see. i don’t want to lose my family. they’re the most important people in the world for me and i can’t bear the thought of being without them. i’m still fighting but this is just my way of coping up…

a noobcake story by melaikick

M opened her locker to retrieve the package. a small box… it’s been three years she thought. “tara na…” someone called from the back. G grinned at his friend, “the gang’s waiting…” petite A was stalling the elevator for them. the three headed to the building’s basement where K parked his car.

they looked like funny little sardines inside K’s car and as K was hurtling over to batasan, a muffled sound came from the back. it was N, “guu-uuys, we forgot P!” prompting K to hit the breaks and M’s head collided with C’s. both girls rubbed their forehead. “asan na naman ba yung bading na yun?”

they found P with his new boyfriend in tow at the studio. he smiled at everyone, gave the loved one a buss on the lips and shooed him away, saying it was time for practice. the band was new but they were old friends…

several empty cans of san mig light lay scattered on the studio floor… M slowly stood up from one of the studio’s bean bags. somebody had laid her there, she was always the first to drop when it comes to beer. she heaved a sigh as she took in the sight… everyone was sleeping. G was a beanbag away hugging his bass guitar, a weird smile on his face;  A and C were snoozing beside each other, K’s right leg was over N and P’s right foot was over on N’s left cheek… M reached for her camera, set the timer, and muffled a giggle. “to family… ” she said.

a economy china air lines ticket was lying on the enormous long table. it indicated a connecting flight from manila to tokyo and then from tokyo to seattle. really… horrendously cheap. the girl pushed them away… several angry stares came at her. she stood up, and turned her back… happiness is an option, right? she thought to herself.

“M? M?” a voice called. “M!?!”
“we’re here.” G said waking her up. one of the pa’s opened their van’s door and hurried them to a room backstage. C, who acted as the manager, was handing out their jackets, all red with “nööb” at the back. “here you go kids,” she said. “you better kick ass!”

M’s heart was beating fast, to calm herself, she pulled the little gift she had received three years before from her pocket. she wore it on her wrist, the little charms jiggled as she walked to the stage. the lights glared at her eyes, she let a section of her hair, painstakingly curled by L, to cover them… the crowd was screaming and she couldn’t see a thing. but it didn’t matter. it was their song that she was going to play. and she knew she made the right decision after all. with the cue from G, M raised her bow…

yun lang.

♥ melai

this is a special request from joolee… iupdate ko na daw yung terminology ko. hehehe. sige na nga. pero meh rules ha… ganito ang format:

alphabetically arranged, particle ma + agent name … part of speech, definition, example. exceptions on people’s names which look awkward with the article ma.  o game na? sige, simulan na yan!

team warminology

kasi team warm daw team name namin, hahaha parang nakainom mga tao. shhhhh… nikuha ko lang tong pic na to sa

ma-gabby … verb. magalit sa customer habang nacalls; makipagdebate keh miming kapag may lakad ang team; mag-warla!

ex. “wag mainit ang ulo, na-gagab ka na.”

ma-gaki … verb. uminom ng sleeping pills at maging intermittent na gising. parang dsl connection. hahaha. interval… 1 to 2 minutes.

ex. “wala akong tulog, na-gagaki na ako.”

ma-janina … verb. ma-tae sa office; kahit saan? bahala kayo! tha’s the shert!

ex. “magdala ka ng tissue, mahirap na, baka ma-janina ka pa!”

ma-joolee … verb. mabaliw ; mag-sun dance para mawala ang mga problema.

ex. “na-joojoolee ako sa pinaggagagawa nyo!”

ma-melai … verb. mahimatay. average handle time… 15 minutes. estimated time of resolution… kapag nakabitan ng oxygen.

ex. “bilis, namelai si melai!” … although minuto bago magets to ng kausap…

o yan na muna. next na yung iba… tulog muna me.

yun lang.

♥ melai

hello, my name is melai and i write to document the places i’ve been to, the things i’ve seen, and the books i’ve read. sometimes, i also write about food.