killing spree… (insert evil melai laugh here)

Posted on: September 1, 2008

i’ve had a very long and rough day… talked to rabbit and miming today… both were indifferent. the calls were infuriating, karamihan mga matatanda na hindi marunong gumamit ng computer. at siyempre gulong gulo na ang utak ko… major depression mode. gusto kong pumatay. bwahahahaha.

i killed a lot of monsters today in cabal, a massive multi-player online role playing game (mmorpg)… kailangang pumatay matanggal lang ang sama ng loob. i killed mostly those mosscythers, mosquito like monsters which have serrated front legs and poison stingers. they remind me of annoying people. kung pwede lang sa totoong buhay, matagal ko na silang pinatay gamit ang baygon. hehehe. please insert evil melai laugh here…

ang nagturo saken ng cabal eh yung mga pets ko. it’s my first and probably only mmorpg. lolz. i still remember choosing the character. i chose the wizard based on how it looks, pero ang sabi saken ng dalawa kong alaga eh, di ko pa daw kaya ang may magic shworla. so i chose another character, which is i think was the force blader, again they told me, it was not for me. hahaha. i chose a third character, i can’t remember what it was… however, it was also declined… and of course, we know why i ended up with a blader… they chose the character for me! bwahahaha.

everyone’s still on my buddy list but no one’s ever logged in since… haizz. miming level 40 ka pa din? hahaha. marshey, san na yung mystic (damit po yan) ko? panda, if you happen to read this, lumipat ka na sa mars (server naman po yan sa cabal). haller! i miss my friends really bad… guys? kamon…

anyway, please meet my little blader, melaikick and my pet garlie. bakit garlie? if you look closely, mukhang pusa at rabbit in one. lolz. gahd, this just increases my depression. jus ko, kick.

yun lang. i want them dead, insert evil melai laugh here…

♥ melai


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