kung fu panda

Posted on: June 16, 2008

ano meron? joan and i watched kung fu panda last saturday night. ang ganda ng movie na ito, bagay sa mga depressed na katulad ko. anyways, late kame pareho ni joan sa oras na napagusapan namin which is 5pm. nakadating ako ng trinoma around 6pm at si joan around 7pm na…at ang pila… wow ha. in call center terms, “queueing”. lolz. hanggang fully booked sa haba. abot sana kami sa 7:45 na screening kaya lang wala ng seats!!! so we had to settle for the last full show at 9:45.

muni muni lang kami sa trinoma, window shopping, inaway ang manager ng chowking, at pinagusapan ang mga manyak, manloloko, at torpe sa opisina. hahaha. tapos ayan muntik tuloy kaming malate keh panda dahil si joan naghanap ng popcorn… we ended up paying 75 php for lemonade! !@#$%^&*

anyway eto yung gist : po is an adorable panda working in a noodle shop for his dad. he has this deep love and longing to learn kung fu however his dad, who for some reason is a bird, sees he is destined to be a great noodle chef (waaah is there such a thing?) po “accidentally” becomes the dragon warrior chosen by master oogway, a darling turtle who’s like the founder of kung fu. discouraged at first, po comes to realize the importance of being your own hero and defeats evil snow leopard tai lung.

it was hilarious and touching at the same time. maraming marami akong natutunan from kung fu panda. i’ve stored this quote on my cellphone… to the annoyance of joan. here we go…

“quit…don’t quit. noodles… don’t noodles. you are too concerned with what was and what will be. yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, today is a gift. that’s why it’s also called present.”

galing diba? lolz. i learned the importance of valuing what we have “now”. tama nga naman, sometimes when you fret too much about the future or leave yourself stuck in the past… mejo masisiraan ka lang ng chervams. just like what happened to me… i tried taking things to the next level at hayun, it just complicated things… hahaha, you go, master turtle dude!

mga pahabol. what else made me love the movie? kasi madaming rabbit. ang cute. at saka namiss ko tuloy ang tunay na panda sa buhay ko… hahaha. hoy ronness! cute naman talaga ang panda. *wink* at nakauwi din ako sa bahay, finally, pero hindi na yung katulad ng dati, not surprisingly there was a smile on my lips when i went to bed.

yun lang.

♥ melai


2 Responses to "kung fu panda"

naks! i’ve watched the movie twice! ang ganda! ang galeng! shworla! wahehe..

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